T-Mobile to Announce Pricing for No-Contract Campaigns

Jasmina Lozevska March 22, 2013 0

Finally some changes. I don’t know how affordable would these products be for the costumers but every change is welcomed – better than no changes at all. T-Mobile announced that they will switch some mobile plans and do a no-contract campaign. And now they made that plan come true, and this carrier is expected to debut with the plans at an event in New York scheduled for 26th of March this year.

TMoNews were the first that reported some information about pricing before even this conference is held. They reported that T Mobile will offer two plans: first the “Uncarrier Classic” and the second one “Value” which was rumored earlier.

Initial information is known only for the first one. As reported, this plan will be supported and offered by some of the stores like Best Buy and Target. The individual plans for this Uncarrier Classic will range from $60 for 500MB data per month to $130 for 12GB data also per month. As an addition, the talk and text feature will be free and unlimited in all plans of the carrier. This same plan is available also for $90 per month but doesn’t include the hotspot feature.


We don’t have any information on the other plan, “Value”, which will be offered in the carrier’s stores, but some rumors earlier this year were saying something about the plan in general. According to the rumors, this plan is also known as no contract prepaid model and the users will need to pay the full price for the phone and in exchange they will have a lower monthly rate. With this, the carrier has to make its new smartphones more affordable or the users will stay with the model that they are having. When asked about this move, the CEO for USA John Legere said that this offer is the opposite of the contracts that users are used to, and this new step will disrupt the industry. But it will be fun and the people will accept it as soon as they understand it. He added that this is big deal for them and for the costumers, as well.

Beside this they also consider launching a new creation of new high speed network, which will be something between 4G LTE and 42Mbps GSM. The company made their first move toward this with launching new software update for Galaxy Note 2 which added support for 4G LTE to the devices.

These are groundbreaking plans for T-Mobile. They are heading towards a huge step in the carrier industry. I think the plan makes sense, but we still have to wait to see if this rumor is correct. We’ll share the newest information about this as soon as the new plans are revealed at the conference.

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