Security Glitch in Latest Apple iOS Update

Jasmina Lozevska March 22, 2013 0

This security lock screen is sort of an issue for all the Apple developers. With the new iOS 6.1.3 update report they finally fixed the problem with the security flaw. Well, they didn’t fix it very well, as another security glitch came out to agonize the users.

The last problem with the security was easily enough to handle. Using the steps of the hack, you can open the emergency call feature which is available while the screen is locked, then you can push the power button and then tap cancel. The phone will direct you to dial 112, all you need to do is tap the green (call) button and then immediately tap the red button before you return to the locked screen. After that you will be able to browse and change the contacts and browse the photos.

Remember the programmer that found this problem? – Well, he did it again. He’s been able to find the new problem, as well. He had found a simple way of breaching the security pass code and enter into the contacts and photos. We are talking about an unknown programmer that goes by the name “VideosdeBarraquito”. He uses this user name for uploading tutorial videos on YouTube. You can see on the video how he uses the voice command feature to dial a number and while the phone does that he uses one simple paper cliff to eject and disable the SIM card of the phone. After that, the call ends and he is free to access the address book and the photos.


This video is taken with iPhone which has the latest iOS 6.1.3 update. After the last video from this guy, Apple said they will do anything to make the bug go away, but as it seems they didn’t put all their effort on this. Beside this, they reported that the new update will terminate the Jailbreak if you have it installed on your phone. The Evad3rs (the team that made the jailbreak) still hasn’t made any report about a fix which can prevent the iOS 6.1.3 from busting their work.

I don’t know if they’ll come out with a new update just to prevent this developer of breaching the security again or hire him in Apple’s headquarters just to make him stop doing this. Maybe this is not a big of a deal for the other users, but Apple is well known by its security and they haven’t found any answer about this Security glitch that continues to torture them.

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