Samsung 4K TV Hot but Pricey

Jasmina Lozevska March 22, 2013 0
Samsung 4K TV Hot but Pricey

This may be the year of Samsung, or just the month of the Korean-based company. Anyway, they are pushing technology forward and all the new features in sort of a disciplined order – one right after another. Yesterday, during an event held in New York, the Korean company revealed the new features of its 2013 lineup series. Prices and information are now available for some Samsung TV’s including LED 8000 and plasma 8500 series TV set.

The most important thing announced was that Samsung’s new TV beast called the S9 4K ultra HD TV is scheduled for preorders later this month. It’s a little bit pricey though, you can get it for $39 999. It includes an enormous 85-inch screen with ultimate dimming features and it will allow the users to convert HD content into Ultra HD level. Cool huh? According to Stinziano (the executive VP for Samsung Electronics America) they also have an OLED TV prepared to launch on the market later this year.


The most amazing thing about the TV is its design. This is a generally floor sanding TV mounted on a stand and this TV is produced to tilt up and down. It includes a quad-core processor to speed the things up a bit and voice interaction. It has Wi-FI network feature and 1080 display format. If you’re asking about how it’s controlled, it has the stunning touchpad remote. This 4K S9 TV offers a lot of connectivity options, including Smart View which enables you to stream content between your Samsung smartphone or tablet and the TV, and AllShare which will let you monitor all the washing machines or airconditioning devices in your home.


Beside this, Samsung reported that the new smart TV’s will feature a redesigned Smart Hub that will offer five menu panels just to help users with easier navigation, S-Recommendation which will help consumers to find any content they like by learning their viewing habits. It will also have Smart View, which will let the users move content between the TV and the connected devices and it will include Smart interaction which will allow the consumers to navigate the TV with gesture and voice recognition.

Three new applications have been added by Samsung to the smart TV portfolio – Fox, Spotify and Univision.

With these new features and new smart TV devices, Samsung is bringing the “wow” effect back to the TVs. If you have spare $40 000, you will never regret spending it on this new hot TV device.

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