Apple Smartwatch vs. Samsung Smartwatch – Which one Would You Choose?

Jasmina Lozevska March 22, 2013 0

Few days ago, Samsung’s vice president Lee Young Hee reported that they are working on a new device for the smartwatch market. Earlier this year, Apple had the same announcement and they even gave a name to their smartwatch, an iWatch. We’ll treat them as we treat all other Apple and Samsung products – we are bringing them head to head to see what we can expect from the both smartwatches. Here’s Apple smartwatch vs. Samsung smartwatch.

Many users like and admire Apple because they started many things for the first time in the tech world, but today it’s nothing about that, it’s about who will come up with the best offer.


The Cupertino-based company has always been strictly focused and led by the consumer experience. But they kind of disappointed lately, with wasting their energy into lawsuits, spending time into accusing Samsung for stealing designs and breaking patents. And when you are focused on that, it’s normal that you will forget about the future and keep moving forward into producing the best thing out there.

It seems that while Apple is busy with this, Samsung is enjoying their success. It’s irrelevant whether or not they are copying Apple, the consumers didn’t really care so much about that. They are vividly fired up about the devices manufactured by Samsung, and seems like they only care about what their gadget can do and how much they are paying for it. And at the end of the day, that’s what matters the most.

During this period, the tension between these two companies is growing fast. As it seems, Samsung will once again follow Apple’s steps into releasing gadget of this kind. This rumored iWatch could be the biggest innovation since the iPhone, and a New York Times report said that this will be a wearable iPhone. Back in December last year, a rumor said that Apple plans to launch a Bluetooth smartwatch which will feature Intel chip and 1.5-inch OLED screen. For that purpose, they even hired a LG OLED expert. The glass maybe will be made from Gorilla Glass, which is added into the iPhone and many other smartphones. And according to them, they are already working on slim displays for smaller surfaces. It will support the both OLED and LCD displays in highest performance. Normally, it will be integrated with iPhone and every other iOS device, because even this smartwatch will run on iOS.


Samsung had two unsuccessful attempts with launching a similar kind of a smartwatch. The first attempt was with SPH WP10, which came along with 90-minutes of talk time and an integrated speaker. It had LCD screen and a protruding antenna. It looked like a small phone. The second attempt was in 2009 when the company released the S9110 Watch Phone. It was equipped as a full featured phone and included some great abilities for making calls directly from your wrist. It’s pretty unclear what will they come up with, because this was reported two days ago but somehow all the rumors made a clear picture of what it might have. According to all of them, this watch will have a bendable glass shown by Samsung in 2011. It will be equipped with a touchscreen completely compatible with Android. A report said that the Samsung watch will run on a different OS, and that is something to look out for. A patent application from Samsung indicates that this watch will include a camera. Paired with the smartphones and other devices produced by Samsung, this watch will have the features of a small phone-watch. But let’s hope it won’t end up like all the previous attempts.

As for the release date, Apple’s rumors suggest that their iWatch will come out in Q4 of this year. And for Samsung there are no details except that this Samsung smartwatch will be launched in near future.

The battle continues, and now they are battling on the smartwatch field. For now we have to wait for who will have the first advantage point.

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