New Blackberry Phone Sounds “Exciting”

Jasmina Lozevska March 23, 2013 0
New Blackberry Phone Sounds “Exciting”

It seems like BlackBerry were really serious when they announced that they are making big changes and bringing big threat to the phone market. They are planning to release many different phones this year. Blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins seems very excited about a single product, but he didn’t mention anything about it.

In his interview, he mentioned that he and his company would prepare a new device for later this year and yet another one it’s launching for the holidays. It’s unknown if it hit the market by this year’s end but this will be unveiled soon enough. When asked what makes the new phone so exciting, he answered that would take BlackBerry 10 series to another level triggered by the terms of the user’s experience. If you go back to January, maybe you would remember that BlackBerry unveiled two different devices. One was the groundbreaking touch-screen BlackBerry Z10 which debuts in the US today, and the other one is the standard BlackBerry Q10 which the Q letter stands for QWERTY device. This Q10 is expected to hit the market two or three months after the Z10.


While we are all curious about this new Z10 smartphone and how will perform in our hands, Heins is looking far ahead. The biggest goal for him is to make the product portfolio longer. According to him, they will begin with three smartphones. Each of them will have its own QWERTY and additional touch-screen feature. He calls this strategy “one-two punch’ kind of sport’s based terminology.

The three devices are expected to include the same display size as the Z10 which has a touchscreen 4.2-inch display. Or maybe it will include the display size of the Q10 which is half-sized than the Z10 display. They thought of the developers too, so they are keeping the same resolution to the displays which will be easier for the developers to build consistent apps for the future devices. At the end he added “We are cooking in the kitchen now” – describing the busy period they are into at the moment.

I’m not so sure about what the future will look like for this company. I can understand putting all their efforts into working on a “killer featured” smartphone, but working on three different phones at the same time can be less productive and not innovative enough. But that’s just me and maybe BlackBerry will finally prove me wrong and make something that will bring the smartphone era onto another level. By then, my doubts for producing three instead of one are final.

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