Apps like Instagram and Snapchat Growing in Popularity – Facebook Becoming ‘not so cool’

Jasmina Lozevska March 24, 2013 1

Every parent is taking care of their children and that includes taking care of their online safety and well behavior, but also encouraging them to act like normal kids used to. I can still hear some of them saying that their kids are so addicted to Facebook that they don’t even want to go out and play. But we have different thing here. After this “Facebook Generation” kids now are more addicted to some other things, Instagram and Snapchat. You didn’t saw that coming?

Almost every teenager has a smartphone and uses at least one social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. But according to some research centers, teenagers started to get less interested in Facebook and looking for other social networks to satisfy their needs and meet their criteria. Their thoughts are now heading toward Snapchat and Instagram.


If you think that’s impossible, even Facebook has announced that they are losing younger users. In February they warned the investors by saying:

 “We believe that some of our users, particularly our younger users, are aware of and actively engaging with other products and services similar to, or as a substitute for, Facebook,”

These days kids have access to hundreds of applications that can be easily downloaded to their mobile device from Apple’s iTunes or Google Play. There you can find the most popular applications and most downloaded. But kids are really attracted by the features of Instagram, which is digital free software used for taking photos and adding different filters to it plus you can share them on your accounts online.

After Instagram, Snapchat is the second most used application. This app lets you send some text, video or photo which self-destructs after being seen. Snapchat clearly said on their website that shared messages can’t fully disappear. If you receive a photo, for 10 seconds you can take a snapshot and save that image. While you are doing this, the sender is alerted when the material is saved.

A tech director Dale Harkness said that parents gave their kids smartphones or other mobile devices without understanding the consequences by doing it. And he is right. Students are using their phones by taking nude pictures and send texts with pornographic content. According to Harkness, kids these days forget how fast the content can transfer around the web and can reach everyone, even their parents.

Besides, parents are putting their best efforts into monitoring their kids and the using of the mobile devices, but they can’t do it all the time. If you ask me, some technology education must be included into their schools. That can be the first step into teaching them how to use the mobile devices for educational purposes.


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