Apple Tightens Security by adding 2-step Verification Alternative

Jasmina Lozevska March 24, 2013 0
Apple Tightens Security by adding 2-step Verification Alternative

You know how much trouble Apple has with the security these days. After two unsuccessful iOS updates launched for preventing the lock screen glitches, they tighten their security by adding 2-step Verification alternative. They set extra layer for safety logging in to different Apple services.

The 2-step verification for Apple ID is easy to operate so it can be used by anyone. The system sends 4-digit code by SMS to a costumer’s phone and it must be used like a regular password. This is a very good method for keeping your account from being breached by some attacker. But if the attacker has an access or is using your device there is no chance from preventing the attack.

This easier way came a year after Apple started using security questions for same purposes. And it’s good replacement for it, because security questions are not included anymore and you don’t need to remember what answer you gave to these questions. From previous experience we all know how Apple takes the costumer privacy, and with this they made the user’s date very well protected. This feature isn’t available for everyone, because it’s released only for US, Ireland, New Zealand and UK. But like any other feature this will come to your country very soon enough.


Apple is the last company that integrated this option because other tech companies like Google, Facebook and Yahoo are already using it for few years. This need for stronger security was somehow inspirited by the problems of journalist Mat Honan, whose account was hacked last year. Through the iCloud account, the attacker gained access to all his e-mails and Twitter accounts, so Apple reviewed all its security processes. Evernote mentioned that they are planning to add this feature by the end of this year after consequences of a cyberattack this month.

Similar attack has happened to Apple, they were a target of a coordinated attack upon the Java plug-in for gaining access to their corporate systems. The computers of some employers were breached too, but later the company confirmed that no specific and important data was stolen. Apple has over 500 million active accounts and normally they need to do anything to protect them from these kinds of attacks.

This is the first step to tightening the security of your devices. If you are the only one who is using it, there is nothing to fear that you will be breached, but every security has its own weak spot, let’s hope this one hasn’t.

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