Windows Blue Targets Intel Ultrabook Hybrids

Jasmina Lozevska March 25, 2013 0

Microsoft and Intel are joining forces to deliver something special, something that will run on Windows Blue. And according to some sources, these devices will be the long waited Haswell ultrabooks.

Haswell chip produced from Intel will be incorporated to the new tech and it will come with the Windows Blue OS. This silicon level technology will have the largest generation battery life in whole Intel history according to the Intel CEO Paul Otellni. But this is not the only innovation into these new devices. Windows Blue, which will be an update to the Windows 8, will deliver many different improvements and paired with this Haswel device will make a perfect match. According to a source close to Microsoft, they are building a powerful model with different and astonishing output, and maybe this mix of Blue and Haswell will act more like a tablet or like a smartphone. I don’t know if this is good idea, but it’s good to have some changes.


The comments coming from Ivy Bridge about this innovation are interesting. He said that in this ultrabook you can find the beastly fast device that you’ve always imagined to have.

And finally something different from Intel, Haswell will surprise us all, I believe in that. It will include different features with a significantly improved standby technology. If this technology confused you, that’s okay, when it comes out it will surprise you, but until then, you should know that this technology means when you put your device on Sleep mode, your device will stay connected to your mail, some social networking sites and generally the internet. It will keep the device updated all the time. This is a pretty cool feature, isn’t it?

Haswell will use the same technology that is used in Clover Trail Atom processors, the power saving tech to be exact. And by other rumors it will achieve the same power efficiency of Intel’s Atom processors while responding to the demanded laptop performance on Windows. So Intel will have a lot of work to do in this upcoming period.

This updated Windows Blue will offer variety of improvements for different devices, not only for the new Haswell based devices, even though this device will be the major goal for this new Windows.

Okay, now I can’t wait to use this announced revolutionary product. Maybe I will write a letter to Microsoft and Intel begging them to make this product in the near future.

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