Google Glass May be Banned “On the Road”

Jasmina Lozevska March 25, 2013 0
Google Glass May be Banned “On the Road”

Google Glass is still only a prototype and already it’s followed by ban rumors. West Virginian legislators consider this product to be dangerous and can potentially cause unwanted situations. And this is kind of a big problem for Google, to be honest.

Gary G Howell, present member of “West Virginia House of Delegates” inspired by a review made by CNET, introduced a bill for banning the people from driving with Glass on. He wrote an email to CNET saying that Glass will cause the same dangerous problems as texting or talking while driving. This is extremely dangerous for the young population because of their low experience with a car and they are more disposed to using new technology. At the end he added:

“I am a libertarian, and government has no business protecting us from ourselves, but it does have a duty to make sure I don’t injure or kill someone else.”


West Virginia isn’t the only group that acting against this new product. Seattle’s 5 Point café wrote on its Facebook timeline this week that will not tolerate anyone who will wear Glass. Anyone who would wear them will be asked to leave. And they added that they are the first business to ban the Google Glass. A person close to Google responded on this with a note that is too early for Google Glass and they expect the social norms and behaviors will be developed over time. Maybe he is right, because remember when smartphones first came up, it was strange and unusual, but everyone got used to it later on. So, Google Glass is expected to follow the same thing, but it has to come out first.

It’s hard to determine what is right, but maybe it really distracts you if you do something while you wear the Glass, for example reading an email while driving will be dangerous for you and other people involved into the traffic. So from safety reasons this is not such a bad idea, but Google thinks the opposite, of course.

You can read the whole of the bill here and you can see if you’ll support it or this move it’s completely unnecessary.

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