Blackberry Z10: Will it be Enough for You to Leave your iPhone?

Jasmina Lozevska March 25, 2013 0
Blackberry Z10: Will it be Enough for You to Leave your iPhone?

Many users over the past few years admitted they have changed their Blackberry mobile phones to iPhone. That’s not such a bad decision knowing that BlackBerry didn’t do much into producing a new amazing smartphone. But that’s now changed, they launched their groundbreaking model Blackberry Z10 and they believe it will be competitive with the iPhone 5. But reality isn’t the same as they imagined it.

I can include myself into the crowd of people that switched to iPhone from BlackBerry and to be honest with you, I feel it was a good thing to do. The Z10 smartphone was launched in January and was manufactured for the purpose of reviving the company and take it to another level. Maybe you’ve seen their confidence and read all about their new operating system which will win over iOS and Android. After the launching in UK in February, the numbers aren’t looking great although the company says that this smartphone had the greatest launch ever.


Why I will not go back to BlackBerry?

Well the list is long, but I’ll try my best to shorten up. I’m grateful iPhone 5 user and I still have my iPhone 4S on my shelf back home. I tried to use the Z10 for one or two days just to see if I will go back into using BlackBerry, and I was not impressed at all. But still, this is only my opinion, though.

I would not compare it to my iPhone 5 because that would be just mean, so I’m going with my 2.5 year old iPhone 4 which is now cheaper than this “innovative new device” the Z10. This device was just another unsuccessful replica to iPhone. The camera is average and when I was testing it, I realized that it’s not powerful enough to even try and compare to my iPhone, it felt like I was using my first Blackberry device. Maybe it’s because I changed from something extremely fast to something slower.

It hasn’t any innovative spirit in it. They said that their OS will win against Android and iOS, but these two rivals offer different user experience and lot different interfaces. BlackBerry has chosen to copy the grid approach of the iOS instead to try and develop their own special and different features. Even the deleting and arranging the apps involves the same gestures like the ones on the iPhone. It’s just weird. When they said they are planning a new operating system I imagined how they will begin from ground level and start building something new and innovative, instead of that when I was going through menus on the phone, I saw some indications of the same old BlackBerry OS.


When it comes to applications, I’m a big fan of them. I tried to download all the applications that I had in mind just to see how they will respond on the new Z10. Some of them were the same, some of them were not supported by the device and the social networking applications were not fully integrated.

I was simply not impressed by it at all. And I can say loud and clear that this phone didn’t offer something to make me forget that I’m an iPhone user. Instead, it made me love my iPhone even more and never to look back at BlackBerry again. So if you are a BlackBerry user and you don’t know what I’m talking about, try and switch to an iPhone and after using it one or two days read this article again and you will understand.

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