Android Based “Google Keep”

Jasmina Lozevska March 25, 2013 0
Android Based “Google Keep”

After the announcement for shutting down Google Reader, we thought that there will be a lot of fuss for this choice. But, Google didn’t let that happen and released something that looks like pretty much replacement for the Reader. It’s called Google Keep application and it’s fully based on Android.

When you first launch it on your device you will see the clean and magnificent interface that hasn’t anything to distract you while you are using it. You will be asked what Google account you will be using as soon as you start the application. It will detect all your Google accounts, but it will give you a chance to select whatever you want. And by completing that, your confirmation is over.


To start using it all you need to do is to write some content. It’s very simple, you can write a quick note into the box at the top and it will be saved, or you can launch full size note page if you want to use it for writing longer content. The best feature about this is speech-to-text engine which enables you to make voice notes. Beside that, it will keep the audio file just in case it makes some error.

You can also add an image from your stored photos taken by your camera, but as it seems you can’t insert image from your gallery. But no worries, you can do that from the web interface. You can share them with your friends on your social network using the share menu. Then there is the search engine, which enables you to search through your notes. When I saw this I said to myself the searching will be so slow with all that notes stored. But it surprised me with great speed and great way of finding the notes I searched.


If you have something on your mind and you’re that kind of person that writes just about everything, Google Keep is the ‘must have’ application for you. It looks great and it’s very easy to use. After all it’s made by Google and given that, you already know that it has great record of data storage reliability.

We all hope that this Google Keep will last more than the Reader. And don’t worry, there is no way you will lose your notes because of the tight integration with Google Drive. So Google Keep is safe as long as Google Drive is here.

Google Keep was launched on March 20, and you can find this free application on Google Play.

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