Windows BLUE Features Small and Big Leaked

Jasmina Lozevska March 26, 2013 0
Windows BLUE Features Small and Big Leaked

Maybe you already know that Microsoft is preparing the Windows Blue, the next generation of their traditional operating system. Some analytics say this will be the next modified Windows 8 that you will not hate. In some leaked screenshots we were able to notice some big and some small changes, but not completely new features. With BLUE they are bringing few innovations from their Mobile OS to their desktop Win 8.

We will show you few new cool features this OS will have, noticed from this leaked pictures and from the 2.6GB ISO file appeared on torrent.

1. Modern UI PC settings

This new Windows Blue fixes the worst flaws of Win 8 and expends the PC settings and now contains or it will contain many options which were hidden into the Control Panel. If you are a Windows tablet user you will love the difference in the settings that this BLUE OS offers.

2. Internet Explorer 11

Windows Blue also includes this new version of Internet Explorer. It will include the same functionality like the Win 8’s explorer 10. But if you look deeply into it, you will see the new features for the browser. But we aren’t saying anything about it because we want to let you experience them by yourself.


3. Improved SkyDrive

The modern SkyDrive application isn’t the same as the desktop SkyDrive application. The modern app can only access some files already stored in your SkyDrive, it can’t sync new files to the cloud tough, but that’s all about to change with Windows Blue.

4. Brand new gestures

Windows Blue will include new gesture controls, and the ability to swipe up the Start screen to see the bar with all your installed applications. That bar includes snapping and some other projector options.

5. It has easier personalization

This new OS update will provide you with an easier way of changing the personalization options. In Windows 8 these options were buried deep in several submenus, but in Windows BLUE they are placed right above Tiles and Help options.

Windows Blue also will include some dramatic extensions to the touch ability and additional speech recognition feature. It is also expected to be more powerful for the devices which will run on this operating system.

Regarding all of this, Win Blue will be giant step toward the right destination. It will make the experience much more fun and fluid for early users of Windows 8. It’s worth mentioning that this OS will be more compatible with touchscreen devices.

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