T-Mobile Nixes “Wireless Contract”

Jasmina Lozevska March 26, 2013 0
T-Mobile Nixes “Wireless Contract”

This carrier continues introducing some changes, and they are really serious about getting the proper respect among users. Yesterday, they finally nixed Wireless contract for all the users as a part of the transformation.

This comes right after transforming the two year contract with no contract at all. During a press conference in January, CEO John Legere mentioned that changes will be made in the future for making this carrier more competitive. Currently this carrier is placed on the 4th spot behind the top national carriers, and they want to attack more aggressively in turning their losses.

So what’s new for T-Mobile?

They now offer unlimited SMS, talk minutes and 500MB of web data for $50 a month and the price rises as the data increases. This doesn’t include the additional fee you’ll need to pay for the new phone or you can switch your old one for buying the new one. For example, before this new plan, an iPhone 5 would have cost you $20 as an additional monthly fee for 24 months (2 year contract) with paying $109.99 up front. Now, the users can choose to pay the full price of the phone and choose some of the no contract plans we mentioned earlier. Of course, T-Mobile must lower the prices of the new phones or this plan wouldn’t make any sense as the costumers will stick up to their old phones.


Another thing that T-Mobile did was transforming the prepaid option from their contract carrier model as the first one has proven to be more popular among the users. This has been announced during CES, as T-Mobile said they will offer unlimited data without contract and they did what they said, that is big plus for them in the future.

And they don’t plan to stop here. The company is expected to launch an update on 4G LTE plans. They are the only carrier that doesn’t include this option. They are using HSPA network which is also known as 4G which is fast enough and has more people than some of the competitors on LTE networks. With the shift to the prepaid lane and a merger with MetroPCS which was planed last week, they are moving fast towards the business side. The merger now awaits the approval of the shareholders.

Finally T-Mobile shows what it’s capable of and what they can offer to their customers. I can predict that they will climb a level up as a top carrier in near future. They are on a great track and I hope they will not prove me wrong.

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