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Jasmina Lozevska March 26, 2013 0

Apple and Samsung aren’t the only companies that use the court to settle things down. Shutterfly and Kodak are using the same way of proving who is better and in this case who broke the word of an agreement.

The online photo service Shutterfly, accused Kodak of violating the agreement they’ve had with the launching of “My Kodak moments Application”. They filled the complaint on Friday. Kodak sold Kodak Gallery’s user accounts to their opponent Shutterfly for $23.8 million and then they agreed that Kodak will not duplicate the business. The complaint claims that even the technology behind My Kodak Moments app is the same as the Kodak Gallery they have bought from them last year. This Facebook application from Kodak allows users to select photos on Facebook, create an album which will be printed later and sent to the user who requested this service.

Person close to Kodak didn’t share anything about this lawsuit. He said the company is still revising the complaint and they will comment this process in near future. According to Shutterfly, before filing this suit they contacted Kodak couple of times for this problem but they denied every possible violation of the agreement and declined to stop and remove the application.


The description for this Kodak Moments App posted on their official Facebook page says:

“You can turn your most liked Facebook photos into prints and photo books with few easy steps. You can use your friend’s photos too! Write captions, change the layouts and design your whole photo book. Then you can get them shipped to your home. You can share them on your social network pages a let your friends know that they can do the same thing too.”

And this is exactly the same feature Shutterfly has but uses outside of Facebook. They used fewer words to describe their service on their official web page, they wrote:

“Shutterfly has all the tools and features you’ll need just to organize, share and order prints and cards all in one page.”

… Can you see why Shutterfly is mad?

I don’t know what was Kodak thinking when they launched this application, but now, they must think of a way to prove their application didn’t violate the agreement. We don’t have any information about when or where will be the first hearing, but as soon as we get it we’ll let you know.

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