Could We Really Use a New iOS?

Jasmina Lozevska March 27, 2013 0

We are currently experiencing times when every new technology manufacturer comes out to compete on the market with their new devices and improved operating systems. After the biggest competitors, now Apple is on the move for coming out with something different and new. From the past years we’ve seen new iOS releases every year and we can expect that tradition to continue this year as well. But the main question is could we really use a new iOS?

YES is the simple answer. We can use a new iOS and we expect some things to be changed in it. We made our wishlist with all the things we could use in it and we leave that list open for you to make your wishes and maybe you can write us an e-mail and if we find them interesting we’ll update our list with your thoughts and wishes.

1. Hide Apple applications

We are not saying that they are completely useless but we don’t use some of them every day or every week. To be exact, I don’t even notice them on my iPhone and they only stand there, doing nothing. For example we don’t use the compass daily, contacts are included into the Phone app, Newsstand is always empty, and even Apple Maps is not used very often because of its mostly wrong directions.


2. Multiply ID’s on one device.

Maybe this is not such a good idea for the iPhone devices, but it’s completely usable on the iPads and iPods. Imagine you bought an iPad for your family and they all have their iTunes account, in present they each have to buy their own device just to listen some music downloaded from iTunes. The trick is – Apple making the logging in and out as easy as possible and I think they will make that and we’ll all be satisfied especially the ones who use only one device for the whole family.

3. Changing the default apps

This request is likely to be ignored by Apple’s developers but we’ll give it a try. We would like to use different apps for our emails, when opening a link to choose other explorer than the Safari and other stuff. I’m not against the default apps, but they should make some changes for some of them and we should be able to pick our settings.


4. Ability to change Siri’s voice and talking to other apps

I need to say this before I begin – Siri is greatest thing that happened to the smartphone era. To use your mobile device like a personal assistant is something that we could only imagine back in the day. And adding the ability to change the voice of it would be great addition. They should put some different voices and let us choose the one we like.

I can really use Siri better if it has the ability to be integrated with some third party applications. Just imagine how your life will become easier if Siri had an ability to recognize your voice for safety reasons or the ability to manage your banking.

5. Improved multitasking

Not the strongest feature when it comes to Apple, but it’s not as terrible as some people think it is. I can confirm that the multi tasking tray should have more information about the applications, and instead of one row with 4 applications it can allow the users to see 2 apps minimum. This new iOS could use some landscape multitask feature. These small transformations could bring big changes to the untouched multitasking feature that hasn’t been changed since iOS 4.

There are many others features that can be changed and improved but I want to use this kind of new iOS with only these few transformations.

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