Chromebook Pixel Ship Dates to be April 8

Jasmina Lozevska March 27, 2013 0
Chromebook Pixel Ship Dates to be April 8

Few users maybe already laid their hands on this new Chromebook Pixel, but only on the Wi-Fi model of this laptop which has been available in stock for weeks. Shipments for this new LTE model were announced yesterday and as it was said on Google Play they will begin by April 8.

If the buyers want to add this mobile connection to their Chromebook Pixel, they’ll need to wait a few more weeks and they need to pay extra $150 because the previous version (Wi-Fi) costs $1299 and the new LTE model will cost $1449. Beside this, there is no major difference between these two models, except the 64 GB storage in the LTE model, which is doubled from the other Wi-Fi model. Both machines got 1 TB Google Drive storage after the purchase.

This new LTE product includes a small bit of the service including 100 MB data for each month for the next two years. After these two years, you will need to pay additional amount for the LTE broadband service: $9.99 for unlimited pass daily, $20 for 1 GB data for one month, $35 for 3 GB data for one month and $50 for 5 GB data for one month.


Given this, the LTE model can still use every Wi-Fi hotspot even the one created by a smartphone, and these “pay as you go” plans are great and affordable way to ensure the connectivity on the Pixel. According to other sources, Verizon Share Everything plan can be added to the Pixel just for $10 monthly fee.

The Chromebook Pixel is different than the other releases before. It includes a great premium slim design that reminds of an Apple’s MacBook pro model with Retina Display. It has a 12.85-inch bright display and a 2560 x 1700-pixel resolution. It’s equipped with the most-dense touchscreen display you can find on the market in present for a notebook. It comes with Intel Core i5 CPU clocked at 1.8 GHz and it has powerful 4 GB of RAM. Its processing power has its similarities with the power of Ultrabooks and Windows 8 Pro tablet.

It looks like nicely equipped notebook and now with this LTE possibility gets even better grades from the analysts. We agree that is a little bit pricey, but if you have examined the pros and cons of Google’s OS and after that you are still choosing this amazing piece of hardware, it will worth every dollar spent on it.

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