BioShock Infinite Released Today: How Popular will it Be?

Jasmina Lozevska March 27, 2013 0
BioShock Infinite Released Today: How Popular will it Be?

The long-awaited game, which name was easily changed by some gamers – now got the nickname “The most important game for the past five years”. This game didn’t start as everyone expected and was followed by numerous of delays which pushed back the launching date more than a year. But it’s here now and BioShock Infinite will meet everyone’s criteria.

BioShock Infinite explore some heady themes like diving a man to wash his sins of the past life, the life of the privileged society in shaken foundation of prosperity and many more. You are an agent in the city of Columbia, and your actions are to blow away the trouble and bring back the idyllic landscape view. The game starts with a lighthouse and you, as a former investigator, are hired to retrieve the unknown girl and it remains mystery who hired you in the first place. You will sense the old American life while playing by seeing the old Columbian flags floating across the city, statuaries and bas-relief panels.


In the year of 1912, America is described like a place where everyone is equal and Columbia is left aside to search for segregated reality. I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced a game with distinct identity like this one, some very precise details and very neat placement of triggered dialogue makes a world that you can easily get lost into. Not understanding the story behind the game will do a huge disservice to the game makers. You can finish playing this game for about 11 hours of non-stop playing but that’s not the point, my advice is to take your time let the game tell its story slow and secure. Play it like you are the detective, get deep into the character, open every drawer, search for evidence around each room, and read all the signs on the door and listen to everyone for their side of the story.


In BioShock Infinite the story outshines the gameplay of this video game and nowadays that’s very rare. This game can get very “shootery” at times and the ones who can declare themselves like BioShock veterans can be easily surprised with this feature. If we talk about graphics, this game makes the consoles to be inferior. You should play it on a PC, but the performance on Xbox 360 and PS3 is also amazing.

I can put this game in the line of games which would make me a proud player of video games. Game’s class is high on a different level than other games with similar gameplay. The amazing first-person shooter feature gives you the challenging experience that rewards you with the best stories ever told in a game. So if I have to bring a verdict, if you are gamer who searches new adventures you have to play this game and I can assure you it will reach the proper popularity among the players very soon.

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