T-Mobile to Offer Different Version of the iPhone 5

Jasmina Lozevska March 28, 2013 0

As it was reported earlier, T-Mobile will start offering the iPhone 5, but in some new version. Finally they are joining the crew of other carriers who already offer this Apple smartphone device. There are few differences between this offered version from T-Mobile and the iPhone offered by other carriers.

T-Mobile’s iPhone will begin to sell in stores as of April 12, and it will be offered with:

1. Unlimited Face Time calling

Recently, T-Mobile has switched to prepaid and no-contract model from their traditional two years contract model that was offered by this carrier ever since the beginning. Anyone who is using an unlimited plan with $70 dollars per month will now use the iPhone 5’s Face Time feature over 4G LTE and HSPA+ network, with no additional data cap.


2. This iPhone 5 has backup network HSPA+ 42

This feature is included just in case if the new 4G LTE network crashes, you will be automatically transferred onto a very fast network HSPA+ 42, with speed up to 42 Mbps. This is a very quick network which will keep future T-Mobile costumers very happy and satisfied, after all.

3. HD Voice

Everything T-Mobile does, they do it in HD. This different iPhone 5 will support HD Voice, which will use both hardware and software components on the phone and on the network just to reduce any kind of background noise and bring you the best call quality. To be exact, it will use wide band more adaptive codec which is used to give you more quality frequency just to handle the quantity of audio that comes in.


HD voice will start automatically when both phones have it. Right now this feature is included in the iPhone 5, HTC One S, Galaxy S3 and Nokia Astound.

4. No Wi-Fi calls at launch

This feature makes this iPhone more different than others. It will not offer the Wi-Fi calling which is the key feature of this carrier that lets you make calls free of charge over any broadband. Mike Sievert announced that this feature will not be included when it starts but it may arrive later. T-Mobile didn’t give any thoughts and comments about this.

At last they took this step ahead and they will carry the iPhone 5. Maybe is different but to be honest, I kind of like this model more than the others. In addition T-Mobile will let you bring an unlocked iPhone 5 from any other carrier, for example from Sprint or AT&T.

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