Report Claims Windows Surface RT is “Troubled”

Jasmina Lozevska March 29, 2013 0

Lots of rumors are swinging around the web for this new Windows BLUE from Microsoft. They confirmed that Windows Surface RT based devices are selling by the plan, but a new report coming from Asia said otherwise and according to it, this software will blend in into the Windows Blue update.

This is the official report from the Taipei news site:

‘The supply of the PC’s had pushed the platform aggressively by now. Windows RT has misled the users to believe that the OS will be able to support all x86 programs and applications, plus it has damaged demand of compatibility issues.’

There’s a possibility this report wa for the supply chain and wasn’t supposed to make negative comments headed towards the Windows RT. Regarding this, the rumors for a supply chain are often misinterpreted as some of the important things get lost when they are translated from the main source in this case the chain is Microsoft > supplier > and the media.


It’s still not clear what this merging into Windows Blue means because so far, Microsoft hasn’t mentioned what Windows Blue represents in the first place. It’s only been said that Microsoft continuously works on upgrading our devices and services. And as rumored, these plans are heading towards the innovational Windows Blue.

Yesterday was announced that Windows Blue will be released in its annual developer conference somewhere in June. Some other sources close to Microsoft said they are working on a sneak-peak preview version which is expected to be launched this month. Microsoft recently poked the Google Reader on its blog post and for the first time mentioned the existence of the Blue and detailing their plans of moving forward.

As we said earlier rumors are surrounding this Windows Blue day by day. Earlier this week, it was said that a new core system will be the biggest part included in the update, along with the others additional applications and features that were leaked. It’s expected to be shipping by the end of this year. There are no specific words on how much it will cost but if we look back into recent releases, they are focusing on more frequent and cheaper updates.

Microsoft has to do something to make the waiting more concessive because with all those rumors and different information we can only get the wrong picture. But maybe that’s just a part of Microsoft’s plan.

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