Google Glass Driving Ban Won’t Happen This Year

Jasmina Lozevska March 30, 2013 0
Google Glass Driving Ban Won’t Happen This Year

At first it was announced that Google Glass will be banned with a bill in West Virginia which was meant to follow the earlier ban in a bar in Seattle. Yesterday, the house committee failed to discuss the bill and because of that, the state will not start a ban this year.

This is such good news for those who were planning on exploring Google’s wonderful eyeglasses named Google Glass. The man who proposed the bill – Gary G Howell said he isn’t against the innovation but he’s against the use of this device while driving. He added that it’s as distracting as calling and texting and Virginia has quite a problem with drivers causing car accidents while texting. According to him, the bill was scheduled for today’s hearing in the Committee but never happened. He added that the bill is “dead” for this year.

This will make happy the 8000 customers that paid $1500 just to be among the first to try and examine these smart glasses. Just imagine all the angry faces of the customers that already bought the gadget, in case the bill got accepted.


Some of the engineers that have tried the glasses on said they are not distracting at all. In order to read the information, you have to turn your eye toward the information and that’s it. But engineers didn’t really took into consideration the fact that the majority of accidents happened in a blink of an eye and the reason for many of them is exactly that kind of a small distraction.

So from now on, perhaps the smartest thing for pedestrians is to check if drivers wear this kind of technology before crossing the street. We are looking forward to see the release of this wearable device, and we can’t wait to see who will be the first who will wear it and be excluded from a café or a restaurant just for looking little bit odd or disturbing other people sitting in the same place.

To be honest, I’m just not sure what to think about this innovation. One day I’m eager to try them on and one day I’m a little bit of a skeptic for using them because of the split opinions on how dangerous it might really be. But they need to come out first and then we will be able to make decisions whether they are helpful or just unnecessary.

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