Is Blackberry Bringing Back Their Game?

Jasmina Lozevska March 30, 2013 0

Blackberry wasn’t kidding when they said their Z10 device is made to be the groundbreaking product. As reports say, their fiscal 4Q report brought profit from 1 million Z10 devices shipped and with this they are taking quite a market share from the competitors. They are on the right track but does this mean they are back in the game?

Well, I guess not. Before they announce that they are competitive enough, BlackBerry has so much to prove. No doubt they are off to a great start but there are lots of questions that will remain unanswered for another couple of months, or to be exact until the next results are revealed.

According to Jan Dawson, an analyst who works at Ovum, the next quarter will be crucial for the company and it’s fully scheduled with the launching of the Q10 device and the US launch alongside with increased marketing. With this they will set better basis for making judgments.

BlackBerry has other problems which are giviing them headaches. They have lost 3 million users or 4% of the base over the past quarter and that is big concern. In addition, it’s unknown how Z10 will be accepted in the US and for this they have thrown big party last week in Times Square New York just to draw attention before the launching. But their timing can be really painful. In the upcoming months the Galaxy S4 from Samsung is expected to be out on the market to make blockbuster sales and HTC One is here also to grab the rest of the cake coming from the shadow. Beside this, an iPhone 5 is scheduled to launch somewhere in June and could spoil the early enjoyment in this company.


Whit these results, BlackBerry proved they are alive and on the run with this profitable quarter and the ability to continue with this tempo is no longer a big concern. They received 1.5% stock-rise to $14.79 from Wall Street as a result after a few weeks of better selling. The road is tough, but as it seems they are ready for the challenge. Even CEO Heins said that with this, they haven’t really accomplished very much and according to him, their hardest tasks are still yet to come.

This is something we expected to see from BlackBerry. I’m glad this company is trying to be compatible again and I think they have chances succeed in their plans.

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