The Shocking Review of Bioshock Infinite!

Alex Bezeau March 30, 2013 0


Bioshock Infinite is here and ready to induce death by plasmid to a whole new city. One of the most anticipated games of 2013 has finally come to find it’s way onto the shelves of stores. Then was subsequently guided to the shelves of your home.  The extremely hyped game that has so far been the love child of Irrational Games, and it shows in what it accomplishes. Bioshock Infinite lives up the hype in the best of ways. It accomplishes what it sets out to do and then sets the bar even higher. So what is that Bioshock has to offer to gamers?


An absolutely absurd amount of high quality content. If you’ve heard of the game in the last few years you probably have seen at least one trailer or screenshot of the game. Now we all know that screenshots are just the developers taking the best (and least spoilerific) moments of the game and letting the visuals work their magic on the audience. I’ll say it now, those screenshots do not do the game justice. Even on the PS3 and Xbox 360 the game looks absolutely gorgeous. On a PC the graphics gets even better to the point where my eyes were starting to tear up from the sheer beauty of it. (Okay maybe not, but you get the idea). Even the sound is spot on. The voices are absolutely wonderful and believable.and the music captures the ambiance of a floating 20th century city.


The skyline of Columbia is done is much lighter colors than the denizens of Rapture would be used to. Columbia itself is a vibrant world, the old time buildings and dress styles lend a cheery atmosphere to the game. Perhaps the most striking thing about the visuals is how well the old time styles mesh so well with the sci fi elements present. Only in Columbia will you find extremely dangerous flying automatons, airships, skylines that are used to zipline around the city, and special powers alongside flying 20th century architecture. Best part is that it all makes sense in the game world. Which is a feat in and of itself. Columbia has to be one of the coolest and most beautiful places in a video game.


At least to us. Booker DeWitt must think it’s a horrendous and sociopathic place. After some shady business in his past that isn’t readily explained. Booker finds himself on a trip to Columbia with the message “Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debt.” The girl in question is a nice enough teen girl with the age appropriate name of Elizabeth. Did I mention that she is locked in a tower, Rapunzel style? Or that she has crazy magic powers? Or that she is guarded by a monstrous mechanized bird thing that chases you across the city in an attempt to recapture Elizabeth and imprison her within the tower yet again? It’s terrifying to be hounded by the monstrosity, but not as terrifying as the crackpot who runs the city.


Zachary Comstock, the guy who founded the city of Columbia wants you dead. His voice chases you throughout the city on the loudspeakers, taunting you. Soon after you hear him you think you have the guy summed up. An american supremacist that does everything he can to make the whole adventure as dangerous as possible. His lectures and taunts badger you throughout the city. Trust me when I say you are going to enjoy taking this guy down.



But how are you going to do it? You are going to have to wade through the dangers of being a wanted man in a flying, retro sci fi city. Thankfully the combat steps up. You will be  using a large array of weaponry to take down the enemies that try to stop you. Your every trusty pistol, to a shotgun, assault weapons, and sniper rifles are standard affair. You will also get to throw around Plasmids; sorry, I mean Vigors, around in fights for spectacular effects. Seriously though they really are just renamed Plasmids. Murder of Crows summons a swarm of animals to fight for you, Devil’s Kiss is the game’s equivalent of a grenade, and so on and so forth. Sound familiar doesn’t it?


Your melee weapon of choice is the skyhook. The device you will be using to traverse the city is also very adept at killing opponents in some of the most gruesome executions I have ever seen. Yes even the drill. Seriously If you thought the drill was bad just wait until you literally shred a man’s face to tiny pieces with the thing. It will disturb you how effective it is. So we have guns, plasmids, and a scary melee weapon. Sounds a lot light the original Bioshock to me. It’s a good place to start, but how does Bioshock infinite make it better?


The answer is in Elizabeth. She is a highly competent NPC. Yes I said it, and I am completely right. You won’t have to worry about shoddy AI getting you killed during a protect mission as Elizabeth is fully capable of taking care of herself. Heck, she is good enough at it that most of the time, she will be taking care of you! Occasionally during combat she will throw out ammo and health packs to replenish you during combat.


That’s not all, remember those crazy magical powers she is supposed to have? She can and will use them in combat to give you unexpected advantages. Everything from cover out in the open, intractable targets, and more. Perhaps the coolest thing about combat is that you can definitely tell it’s not Rapture. There are only a few corridors and most of the combat will take place outside. Giving a very spacious feel to combat that was missing from previous Bioshock games.


Speaking of which I bet you all are wondering if there is going to be one of those crazy twists that leaves us all dumbstruck. It happened in Bioshock and I am plenty happy to say that it happens in Bioshock Infinite. Am I going to say what it is? Of course not, that ruins half the fun! Oh no, you are going to have to find out on your own. That’s not the only reason to play it though. The story itself without the twist is magnificent and worth playing through. There are even collectables scattered throughout the city to find that will make the completionists both frustrated and satisfied.

So it must seem at this point that I’m absolutely gushing over this game. The thing is I’m not. I am giving this game exactly what it deserves. The graphics are beautiful to look at and the sound is very well done. Gameplay is fast paced and well paced. characters and story is good and what more could you want? The game is just well put together and well done. It definitely deserves the title of most anticipated game of 2013. So see ya everyone, I have the rest of Columbia to explore!

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