San Francisco Mobile Game Awards: The Winners

Jasmina Lozevska March 31, 2013 0

This was the sixth annual International Mobile Game Awards which took place last night in San Francisco. In this conference, we were able to see how different developers get awards for different categories. That was a nice thing to see because on some other conferences of this kind we could see only few developers take the most of the awards.

This conference was first launched in 2004 and according to the developments in recent years, this can be interpreted like a competition for mobile games which were developed in different countries across Europe, Americas and in Asia, of course. The awarding is made according to a jury of twelve, based on two rounds. Few months before the happening of this event, 10 category finalists are announced and there can be only one winner in each category. Like an addition to this main awarding, IMGA are generous and are giving awards to the games from online voting and Grand Prix award for the best overall game.

So in case you’ve missed it, here are the winners in this competition.


1. Award for Excellence in Visuals

And the award goes to The Room. This popular puzzle-mystery game includes a different story then the others games of this kind and by playing it you can see the reason why this game won this award. The beautifully textured with realistic 3D graphic design makes each new puzzle perfectly sharp. With the starting of the first puzzle you can notice the difference and the perfect visuals.

2. The award excellence in gameplay

This award went to Fairway Solitaire. In this game you can play the usual card game just to advance through several golf courses. If you are confused these golf courses are presented like cards and some daily challenges. So if you were searching for some easy card game, this one is not for you because this game is tough to beat.

3. The award Excellence in Storytelling

I expected this one. Walking dead took this award. In this game you will be under pressure seeing the survival of the zombie apocalypse. This journey of five paths is based on some novels and television shows which were shown on AMC.

4. The award for Best Social game

Candy Crush Saga came out as a winner in this category. The goal in this game is to collect different color candies while you are traveling around the candy world. It’s integrated in a Facebook version and includes leader boards and ability for challenging your close friends which makes this game great for competing.

5. The award for Best Serious game

Dragonbox+ came as a winner in this category. This category is based on the games which will help you and your kids to learn the subject, and this game is the right mix of learning and bringing so much fun while doing the main thing. If you want to know more closely what this means, playing this game will answer your questions.

There were other awards such as: the award for excellence in innovation which belonged to Spaceteam and the award from Jury’s honorable mention which went to Devil’s Attorney and the amazing game called Zombies, Run. As we mentioned earlier the winner for People’s Choice award which was voted by online voters went to The Room and the Grand Prix price belonged to Walking Dead.

Congratulations to the winners and we are all looking forward into seeing more from these developers after these motivational awards.

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