Beats by Dr. Dre: Too Expensive or Just Enough for Its Features?

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Everyone loves to listen to music and we just want it to be the best. In the world of iOS, Android and other high end gadgets, no one can resist buying one of those gadgets. Before anything else, music lovers buy gadgets not just for fun but to satisfy their love for music. Having a good set of headphones is an essential factor for audiophile people. It’s a good thing that there are headphones in the market. But, if we talk about headphones, the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones will surely be the first thing that will get into our minds.

Let’s get to know the Beats headphones that everyone is crazy about. Youngsters, music enthusiasts and analysts can’t keep their hands on this device. Some say it’s too expensive, some say it’s just worth it. We will have to look into the specifications of this product and check whether it’s a good buy or never mind.

Beats by Dr. Dre Too Expensive or Just Enough for Its Features 2

The Beats headphones by Dr. Dre are a set of headphones, not just a normal headphone, but something with a very good performance and have gained popularity throughout the world. It is a product created by Monster with the successful partnership and brainstorming with one of the most famous rapper-artist, Dr. Dre. These headphones are expected to perform at its very best; it has a very excellent and heavy-duty bass performance which makes the user feel every beat of the song being listened to. It also has different types depending on the needs of the consumers.

Aside from the heavy bass it features, it also has a noise cancellation feature. The feature will make the user listen to the audio without any disturbances from the outside environment. It comes with a few additions in the package; it has a number of multiple adapters and two separate cables included. One of the cables is the one for the microphone which is very convenient. The user can easily detach the microphone cable from the device and connect directly to a stereo system at home.

Most of the youngsters love these headphones for one reason, it is very portable and it’s something that they can bring along with their clique, it’s even amazing to know that this device is more than just a headphone but has also become a fashion statement for some. It can be folded if the user wants to minimize the space it can consume especially when travelling.

The headphones have been tested before it was released and came up with the following results:

  • It has a frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 KHz
  • Speaker – 40 mm
  • Maximum Output – 115dB
  • Noise Reduction – maximum of 14 dB
  • Operation Voltage – 3.2 Volts

Those are just some of the test results on the device, the noise cancellation feature of the headphones are powered by batteries, a pair of AAA batteries. The amplifier and the whole circuit of the headphones are also powered by the AAA batteries, which mean it is purely battery operated.

If we talk about the entire design of the device, it has a simple and sturdy outline yet the cleaning cloth that comes along with the package plays an important part in cleaning the device. Since the device has a glossy finish, user’s fingerprints tend to leave a mark on the surface which needs to be wiped from time to time.

These portable and foldable headphones have an ear-cup style that feels good when worn and gives a sense of comfort to its users. These are binaural type of headphones and only weigh 9.2 ounces which makes it very easy to bring with anywhere. Its sound output is in a stereo mode and the connection used has to be wired. Its prices vary depending on the type of Beats headphones that will be purchased, but it is mostly available in a price ranging from $299 – $349. Upon purchase, the device comes with a one year warranty starting from the very day it was bought.

First, the design and builds of these headphones are absolutely fab. That is the reason why most of the fanatics are not just professionals but also the youngsters. The noise cancellation feature of this headphone gains a lot of positive feedback from the enthusiasts. There’s a lot that comes with the box, it has a number of adapters, it includes several types of cables that has different ways to use and it comes with a one year warranty which is enough to ensure the users of the product being purchased. It also comes with a chic briefcase which is good for travel and proper storage.

It’s just depressing to know that there’s no way that the Beats headphones will operate without the AAA batteries. This is the only way to make the headphones work. Also, it is not wireless capable. It’s frustrating because almost everything nowadays depends on wireless connections, and these headphones could have been better if it could at least communicate through a Bluetooth connection.

Another negative aspect of these headphones is its design, we have mentioned that it has a sleek design, but the glossy finish doesn’t make the device look neat and the user has to wipe it over and over. There have also been reports that the band that connects the two earphones breaks easily and isn’t that durable. That is not a good characteristic considering that it has an expensive price tag.

As mentioned earlier, the youngsters or the teenagers will love these headphones, not just because of the vibrant colors to choose from, but they are the ones who are more conscious about the music. They have also made a fashion statement out of these headphones. This is also a good buy for those who want to collect different audio tools since these are available in many vibrant colors. However, professionals and technology enthusiasts would not be encouraged to buy this device since it has an expensive price but has nothing much to offer. Beginners in buying audio tools probably would not purchase this because it’s too expensive for a startup. Overall, this device is a good one but should have a lower price.

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