HP Envy 23 – A Not So Good Touchscreen Desktop

Sara Cunningham March 19, 2013 0

HP is one of the leading brands in creating innovations for computer systems may it be a desktop or a laptop. The company released its newest desktop this year, the HP Envy 23, touchscreen desktop system which is an addition to its Touchsmart series of desktop computers. It is a touchscreen desktop that carries the new system which is the Microsoft Windows 8. It is also available in other operating systems aside from its main offer which is the Windows 8.

Its screen has a 23 inch display and is touch screen, its resolution is 1920X1080 pixels. It is smaller than other brands’ screen like the ones from Apple and Dell but has promising features as well. The touch screen feature is very responsive and does not have any lags while performing several tasks. The user can also bend and tilt the screen for up to 30 degrees for better viewing and touch screen experience.

HP Envy 23 – A Not So Good Touchscreen Desktop 1

It is a fast computer since it carries Intel Core’s 3rd generation and is powered by a quad-core processor for 3.4 GHz. In short, It carries the 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 377OS and it has a built-in memory of 16 GB of RAM.  This is one feature that makes it stand out from its competitors. However, Envy 23 is also available on different built-in memory storages, from 4 GB, 6 GB, 8 GB, 10 GB and 12 GB. It is also available with several hard drive memory options, from 7 GB – 3 TB. Each option has a different equivalent price; it will all then depend on the user’s preferences.

This desktop exudes an exceptional graphic display since it has a built-in 2 GB NVidia GeForce GT, its graphical features are manufactured by an American company which is the leading brand in the world of computing technologies.  It is also compatible with other devices since it has an optical drive for Blu-ray, and has a dual-layer burner for DVDs. It has a similarity with the Dell XPS One 27 which has the same features, unlike the Apple iMac which doesn’t have an optical drive at all. Just like any other computer nowadays, it has a wireless capability and also has Bluetooth for easy media file transfer. It carries the Windows 8 Pro 64-bit for its operating system.

This desktop also has several options which make the user choose whether to purchase the units with a TV Tuner, Scaler Card, a wireless keyboard with a built-in volume control and a wireless optical mouse.  It has different included software, its digital media is Cyberlink Media Suite, it features more HP Games for entertainment, and its software is secure and protected by the latest version of Norton Internet Security which was released this year. However, its subscription is only good for 60 days. The same thing goes with the Microsoft Office software; the one installed on the Envy 23 is a trial version and still has to be activated online for further usage.

The company emphasizes that this touch screen desktop is the best computer when it comes to performance, durability and even entertainment. HP announced that it will be released with rates that starts with $1,049, but was available at a different review price of $1,949. This price tag of the Envy 23 is not going to be a hit for the consumers since there are a lot of available desktops of this price tag which gives the same features and some even way better than this Envy 23.

The Envy 23’s very high resolution is worthy of its price, it gives a clear, crisp and vibrant shade of colors to each of the images and options displayed on the screen. Its touch screen feature is a plus, normal desktops are already outdated because of the rise of the touch screen computers. It is available in different built-in memory storage capacity which differs in price, of course. That is a good move for the company since the person who wants to own a touchscreen desktop with a limited budget can have the chance of owning one of these computers. It carries the Windows 8 Pro operating system which will allow the user to maximize its use of the new system and it looks very sleek, it looks like a simple flat screen used for entertainment.

It is available at a price tag of $1,949 which is really expensive. Let’s face it, it has good features but there are so many touch screen desktops in the market today that performs better and is available at a lower price. It has a smaller screen dimension, which only measures 23 inches. Other leading brands have the same products which have a 27 inch screen, like the ones from Apple and Dell. Upgrading the memory is too expensive; upgrading the memory from 8 GB to 16 GB will make the user spend $320, if compared to Apple which only charges $100 less than HP’s price. This computer looks really updated and attractive but it doesn’t really offer anything new on its internal features, which gives the impression that HP did not render much attention on other aspects but only on its memory upgrade when designing this computer.

This computer is recommended to be used as a home computer for families. It seems that this is a good start for someone who is a newbie in using a touch screen computer, it is also best for people who loves to travel or move from one place to another but still wants to use a desktop computer since it looks portable for having a small screen of  23 inches. People who are used to bigger screen desktops would not be encouraged to buy this and would rather buy one from the other brands. Those people who are on a low budget will not buy this product since it’s too expensive and would rather buy from other brands that have more features and does not cost too much in upgrading the computer’s memory.

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