Roku 3: Offers 750 Channels with a Wireless Remote Control

Sara Cunningham March 20, 2013 0

We have all heard about Roku, it is the most famous video streaming box that gives the users the convenience of streaming videos on the internet for free and live. It is an invention made by the American company named Roku which is known for producing the best streaming boxes in the world. The company just released the latest version of the device, the Roku 3. It promises to be different from its predecessors. It promises to have an excellent discovery of contents, to have an interface that is way faster and better than the previous models, to have cleaner outputs and an additional tool that will do something really new for the device – its remote.

The new Roku 3 is not just a normal device to be attached to a TV set. It will deliver a streaming experience to its user like they have never experienced before. It can cater to more than 750 channels that will bring the user the best shows, live updates on sports, music, cartoons, photos, tech and non-tech news, clips and many live streaming options. It also has more than 150,000 instant media available that the user can enjoy upon purchase. Examples are the Netflix with subtitles, TV shows like Hulu Plus and premium channels like EPIX and HBO GO.

Roku 3 Offers 750 Channels with a Wireless Remote Control 2

The new Roku also lets the user play unlimited music anytime; the user can play unlimited music from several channels like MOG, Pandora and Spotify. It can also play songs that are preferred by the user by using the Amazon Cloud Player and VEVO. Using the internet connection, the new device can let the users search for the hottest movies and TV shows from leading channels available on the device. It’s very simple to navigate, just search for the shows on the channels and once you’ve chosen a channel, you can already start your video streaming.

The Roku 3 is also proud of its latest feature, the remote that has a built-in headphone jack that will allow the user to watch and listen to any media privately, without disturbing others. The user just has to plug the headphone included in the package into the headphone jack and move on watching or listening to several entertainment channels without waking anyone in the house. The remote also makes it easier for the kids play games and for the family to watch movies. In this device, the user is in control of all the activities, it also has applications that are available for Android and any iOS devices; it’s like making your own handset into a Roku command center. It also serves as a digital storage box; since it has an application that allows the users to upload and save any personal files on the box and have view it on the big screen.

The company claims that the latest Roku device is the best it has ever invented in its line of streaming boxes. It is smaller this time, but the faster one amongst all of them. It is said to be very responsive and the most powerful streaming box ever released by the company. It also has a wireless capability that makes it easier and portable to use, as long as there is a wireless connection, the user can enjoy the tasks that the streaming box can offer them. This edition is also said to be a power saver device that it can even do live streaming with the use of less power, even lesser than a nightlight and saves more power than any game console for thirty times fold.

It is a streaming player that is compatible with all Android phones, tablets and any Apple products. It has 3.5X3.5X1 inches in its dimensions and only weighs 5 ounces which is portable to bring anywhere. It has a pre-installed Roku application for iPhone and Android handsets and devices aside from being able to access more than 750 channels. Its remote control uses motion control for games too, and will be connected through infrared technology. Its connections are through an Ethernet cable and wireless connection which can support functions like gaming, radio and video playback from the internet.

There are so many good things to say about this product, it’s so calming to know that the new remote control is a tool for private usage by using the headphones that comes with the package. It is also a bonus that it isn’t that big and it’s light so that the user can bring it anywhere they go and enjoy using the device. The design is sleek and composed, exuding a sense of elegance and pure high technology. The installed application for iPhone and Android devices makes it more comfortable to use, it is also amazing that it can support more than 750 channels which is more than enough that a user can enjoy throughout the day.

The remote control is connected through an infrared technology to the device, which is not an advantage. Most devices use Bluetooth nowadays and its use of infrared makes it an outdated feature. Its price ranges from $99 – $120 which is a good price, but if compared to other Roku devices, it makes it more expensive. Since, there are other devices that have lower prices but have the same features, like the Roku LT. According to some who have tried using the product, the headphones that come with the package doesn’t have a very good audio quality, the sound isn’t as good as what is expected.

People who already have the previous model would want to upgrade to this version since it’s really fast compared to other models. The price may not affect the ones that are really fond of collecting streaming players, but may not encourage a non-existent consumer to buy one of these devices since it’s expensive and would rather buy the older versions. This is a good device for starters and for someone who wants to start collecting devices like these. Overall, this is a good product for unlimited entertainment.

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