A New Facebook Smartphone or a New Facebook OS?

Sara Cunningham March 30, 2013 0
A New Facebook Smartphone or a New Facebook OS?

Where there is smoke there is fire. We will know for sure if the Facebook Smartphone rumor is true this coming Thursday, April 4.

Mark Zuckerberg issued an all out media invitation for a Facebook event which will be be happening on April 4 at its Menlo Park, California Headquarters.

The event is titled “Come See Our New Home On Android.” It is highly suggestive, which sets the Facebook community’s tongue wagging again.

Is a Facebook dedicated Smartphone about to become a reality?

A New Facebook Smartphone or a New Facebook OS 2

The invitation certainly teases the mind, sparking more speculations. “Come See Our New Home on Android.” Facebook’s new home in Android. This suggests that whatever Smartphone  Facebook is developing is based on an Android OS.

Rumors have been going around that Facebook is corroborating with HTC for this device codenamed “Facebook Home.”

If the rumors are true, we will soon be looking at a Facebook dedicated Smartphone with  a high-level Facebook integration and a possible home screen with news updates and easy access to the social network’s apps.

The April 4 event invitation came at the heels of IDC’s release of a study sanctioned by Facebook showing that Smartphones have become people’s close friend in the U.S. According to the research done by IDC of 7, 000 Smartphone users (iPhones and Android) shows that four out of five people check their Smartphones 15 minutes after waking. Top three applications used by users according to the report are SMS and MMS messaging, web-browsing and Facebook, in that specific order.

People have a universal need to connect with others, especially those they care deeply about,” IDC researchers said. “This coupled with mass market adoption of Smartphones means that social engagement via phones has become mainstream.” If the Facebook Smartphone rumors are true, this research done by IDC may have had some bearings on Facebook’s sudden about-face.

However, there’s no need to build up too much hope in case the event turns out to be about something else entirely. It may well be remembered that Zuckerberg vehemently denied the news that they were making their own Smartphone.

“Apple, Google, everyone builds phones—we are going in the opposite direction,” Zuckerberg reportedly said at a TechCrunch conference in San Francisco in September last year. “We want to build a system deeply integrated in every device people want to use.”

Are we finally going to see the launch of a Smartphone developed by Facebook , or a Facebook- developed OS platform for Android, or both? We will know soon enough.

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