Why you should be paying attention to Aliens: Colonial Marines

Alex Bezeau February 12, 2013 0
Why you should be paying attention to Aliens: Colonial Marines
  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • story
  • sound
  • replayability


The people at Sega have taken a long time producing Aliens: Colonial Marines, and man does it show. They have added in a lot of different things to keep just about anyone entertained in this hunt or be hunted style game.


So what does the Aliens: Colonial Marines offer after eight years of development? First there is the story, which is set only just after the films. The story covers a group of survivors and the Colonial Marines wrapped up in a massive threat of invasion by the evil alien horde. All the while a special group of Weyland PMCs hunt the heros just to cover the whole incident up. There really isn’t much more to the story beyond that, and it leaves a bit to be desired, but it does make for a convincing aliens game and gives the player plenty of excuse to blast both alien and human targets. The story will also feature co-op and multiplayer aspects very much like the Borderlands series of games. Which let up to four players drop in and out of the main story on a moments notice. This will definitely make some of the harder segments easier while allowing the player to go through the Aliens: Colonial Marines with a friend. This should provide a memorable experience for all involved, even if it’s just “I did not get scared in that last cutscene!” banter.



That is just the story however, and I’m sure the most anticipated part of the Aliens: Colonial Marines is definitely the multiplayer. In the multiplayer there will probably be all the standard modes that we have come to expect in games today, as well as a few twists that will make it very interesting. For example most of the game modes will have some of the players taking up the alien’s side where they get to play as one of those vicious, homicidal xenomorphs; wonderful.

The equipment will also be familiar to any who are educated to the canon of the series. The locations will also be recognized by anyone who has explored them already through the mythos. If you were lucky enough to pre order the game, you will even gain a few familiar faces as playable skins while playing multiplayer and maybe even the story mode.


Aliens: Colonial Marines is going to be one heck of a game. It’s looks to be a solid game in it’s own right before you factor in the nostalgia some people will experience by visiting these places again. The story is shaping up to be some standard, but solid, affair, and we all know that the long term draw of the game is going to be in the multiplayer. I at least am looking forward to creeping around as one of those nefarious aliens plotting the best way to sneak up and rip the throat out of some poor marine.

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