iPhone Applies for Wraparound Display Patent

Sara Cunningham March 29, 2013 0
iPhone Applies for Wraparound Display Patent

US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) just published a patent application made by Apple for an “electronic device with wrap around display.“ This particular patent was applied for in 2011 but was just recently made public by USPTO. This was later followed by a patent request for “Electronic Devices with flexible displays” in 2012.

It seems that while other Smartphone manufacturers are busy inventing the same technology that Apple is proposing, Apple has been busy patenting. Good for Apple, if the design is approved by the powers that be, then they will be the lawful owner of this new technology. If they decide to push through with this concept.

iPhone Applies for Wraparound Display Patent 2

According to the patent application, Apple was describing a futuristic portable device complete with a wraparound AMOLED display, all-glass construction and face tracking.

 Apple is “investigating ways to maximize the utility of unused portions of these devices,” according to the document. The wrap around design  will make it possible to display a wider array of icons and applications.

This futuristic iPhone wraparound display idea was invented by Scott Meyers according to the patent application. The body could be made of glass or other suitable  transparent material, according to the product description.

Users are expected to interact with the device through touch rather than physical buttons. Since the design called for the screen to be entirely wrapped around the device, it was necessary to make use of a face detection system. Apple solved this problem by tracking the user through facial recognition via built-in cameras and adjust the display based on the approximate field of view.

The proposed design alludes to a 3D  effect, through multiple transparent display overlaid on top of the other. To give you an idea, one display can show the same content as a second display, but slightly out of sync to give the illusion of 3D imagery. “In this way, an illusion of depth perception can be presented mimicking a 3D experience,” the patent proposed.

The publicized patent created an uproar in the techno community.  Apple’s patent application for the wraparound display calls for  an AMOLED screen whose technology and supply is dominated by Samsung.

Speculations are rife whether this iPhone that Apple envisioned and applied for in 2011 will be the iPhone of the future or will it share the same fate with other Apple ideas that was good on paper but never saw the light of day?

The first to invent and the first to file, will Apple also be the first to bring this technology in the market?

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