Windows 8 Calendar Upgrade Shuts Down Google’s Calendar App Sync

Sara Cunningham March 29, 2013 0
Windows 8 Calendar Upgrade Shuts Down Google’s Calendar App Sync

A Microsoft spokeswoman confirmed on Monday that the upgraded Windows 8 Calendar app will prevent Windows 8 platform users from syncing their account with Google Calendar.

This upgrade bodes ill to Windows 8 users who have their accounts synchronized with Google Calendar App, and who have already upgraded their calendars.

According to Microsoft’s spokeswoman, even Google’s paying customers and those who have an existing business account will be affected, as they won’t be able to sync their calendars in Google’s Calendar app update.

Windows 8 Calendar Upgrade Shuts Down Google’s Calendar App Sync 2

Microsoft is putting part of the blame for the synchronization break down between Windows 8 Calendar and Google Calendar to Google itself.  According to Microsoft insiders, Google is said to have made changes in the way it supports Microsoft’s Exchange Active Sync (EAS), a fact that didn’t go unnoticed. EAS is a synchronization service widely used by consumers to sync their Smartphones and tablets with company email, contacts and calendars. Google has previously stated their intention to drop Microsoft’s Exchange Active Sync last December and reiterated the same in January, when it announced that it will no longer support EAS for new customers starting January 30, 2013.

Google, however, promised all their customers, free account users and paying clients such as Google Apps Business, Google Apps Academics and Google Apps Government that they will continue to sync their Calendar App.

A promise that Google may not be able to keep since Microsoft is adamant with their announcement that, “You’ll no longer be able to sync your Google calendar with the Calendar app”. A support document from Microsoft states that, “Unfortunately, with Google changing the way it supports EAS, your Google calendar can’t sync with the Calendar app.” Landing the blame squarely on Google’s lap.

Google is yet to comment on this new development.

Patrick Moorhead, principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, whose comments are highly valued, and  one of the most cited technology analysts in the world is quoted as saying in an emailed – correspondence, “It’s disappointing that both Google and Microsoft chose their own interests over end-users. This rift impacts both consumers and businesses negatively and needs to be addressed immediately. Impacted users won’t change calendar services just to work with Windows 8, so it’s up to Microsoft to do the right thing and implement CalDAV. Google deserves ridicule for stopping EAS support, too,”

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