Next Generation iPhone – Sporting an All-Glass Wraparound Screen

Sara Cunningham March 28, 2013 0
Next Generation iPhone – Sporting an All-Glass Wraparound Screen

Apple Inc.’s application to patent a device with a wraparound display has just been published by the US Patent and Trademark Office, giving the public a glimpse of what the next Apple iPhone might look like.

The patent outlines Apple’s vision of a device with a wraparound AMOLED display. Imagine an iPhone that is all screen, touch operated and completely button free!

The patent outlines a display that will be capable of being rolled and unrolled throughout the device’s body. A wraparound display means a lot more space to display icons and a bigger screen means more space to display photos and videos.

Next Generation iPhone - Sporting an All-Glass Wraparound Screen 2

The patent also hinted at a touch of 3D, the design might include two flexible transparent displays, stacked on top of each other, which adds a perception of depth and achieves an almost 3D-like appearance.

Apple also addressed an issue which is likely to arise in a back-to-back screen display. In order to avoid confusion and in order to determine what part of the screen should respond to input, the device will detect touch usage through facial recognition and built-in cameras.

Apple seems to be spending a lot of time developing what could be the next generation iPhone with a wraparound display technology. It is also noteworthy that Apple made a patent application for an electronic device last year, with a flexible display on the heels of the wraparound display patent application which they made in 2011.  Apple is covering all the bases and putting up their stake in both technologies.

Overall, the new design that Apple is proposing sounds like another great innovation from one of the leaders in Smartphone design and technology.  But this kind of technology is still futuristic and will take some time to be perfected. However, the concept is good and aesthetically appealing, which is what Apple is aiming for, according to the patent document.

The technology needed to power this design and make it a reality seems daunting at this point. The battery demand this kind of display will need is 3 times more than what Apple is currently using for their latest iPhone 5.

The patent is still pending and we do not know if it will get thumbs up from USPTO, but it is good to know what path Apple is taking and what technology we might expect from the iPhone of the future.

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