Smartphone Showdown: Apple’s Latest iPhones vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

Sara Cunningham March 28, 2013 0
Smartphone Showdown: Apple’s Latest iPhones vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

The battle for the best Smartphone is here again! Two of the largest Smartphone manufacturers continue to be in their fighting stance as they try to gain the distinction of being the world’s top Smartphone manufacturer.

A recent report from The Diplomat, a Tokyo-based current affairs magazine for the Asia Pacific states that Apple is already working on their latest iPhone’s successor, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6.

Rumors have it that Apple’s iPhone 5s and iPhone 6, which are already on the drawing board, so to speak, will be equipped with an A7 chipset, which might put them on par with Samsung Galaxy S4.  It might  also be featuring a new HD camera and a fingerprint sensor.

Apple’s Latest iPhones vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 2

Apple’s latest iPhone, iPhone 5, which was launched last year to contend with Samsung’s Galaxy S3, will now have to contend with Samsung’s latest, the Galaxy S4.

Side by side specs showdown of the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S4 shows a stiff competition  going on between the two rival companies.

Apples’s iPhone 5 became famous for its retina display, with the latest boasting 326 ppi.  It was able to hold its own against Samsung’s Galaxy S3 but it failed big in the screen department against Samsung Galaxy S4’s whopping 441 pixel density. The IPS LCD that Apple used in their iPhone 5 stands little chance compared to Galaxy S4’s Super AMOLED screen.

This problem is about to be solved, however, according to Peter Misek, an analyst with Jefferies, Apple may  use Sharp’s IGZO technology, for the first time in the upcoming iPhone 5s. According to Misek, the IGZO technology, if utilized by Apple, could fix some issues about screen resolution and battery issues that the community of Apple’s iPhone 5 users is complaining about.

The iPhone 5’s battery at 1440mAh is one of the disappointing issues that Apple users often complain about.  A fully charged iPhone 5 can give about 8 hours 3G talk time while the Galaxy S4 is power-packing 2600mAh. Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with an interchangeable lithium ion battery while Apple’s iPhones are using factory installed.

With regard to processors, Samsung Galaxy S4 boasts of a 1.6 GHz Exynos 8-core processor and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS compared to iPhone 5’s A-6 dual-core silicon clocking at 1.3 GHz.

As yet there is no exact date forthcoming from Apple, but some guesses pegged it to be no later than July this year.

The iPhone 5S is likely to sell for around $350 to $450 for the basic model, while Samsung Galaxy S4’s SRP begins at an eye-watering $800 or more.

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