T-Mobile to Officially Offer iPhone 5 Starting April 12

Sara Cunningham March 27, 2013 0

Finally, the good news that T-Mobile subscribers are waiting for! Starting April 12, Apple’s iPhone 5 will be included in the list of handsets available for T-Mobile network’s subscribers.

Apple has added T-Mobile to their growing list of network providers, alongside its biggest competitor, AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Sprint.

 T-Mobile, the fourth largest U.S network carrier, is the only major communication network operator in the U.S that doesn’t have Apple’s iPhone in their list of handsets.

T-Mobile to Officially Offer iPhone 5 Starting April 12 2

A fact that T-Mobile CEO, John Legere, reiterated on Tuesday while attending an event in New York, he commented that the lack of an iPhone in their device portfolio “was such a huge void.”

T-Mobile uses a unique band of spectrum known as AWS (Advanced Wireless Services) which made it impossible for iPhones to run on their network before. Fortunately, Apple is now using a new chipset that supports T-Mobile standards. It seems that Apple really wanted T-Mobile on their list and made use of the new chipset which will enable T-Mobile to be in the game.

The mobile company is charging an upfront charge of $100 for the iPhone 5 handset and a $20 monthly fee for two consecutive years. This fee does not include voice, text and data services, which is pegged at $50 per month. Customers who decide to leave T-Mobile and its services can do so without having to return the device as long as they continue paying the installments due for the Smartphone.

CEO John Legere was quoted admonishing his competitors saying, “Stop the bullshit,” well-aware that his competitors AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Wireless require their subscribers to sign a contract agreement to avail discounts on iPhones. He was also quoted as saying, ”Carriers are really nice to you.. once every 23 months.”

T-Mobile’s present CEO, John Legere, was the former CEO of Global Crossing, also a telecom company which unfortunately folded up due to bankruptcy. He relieved interim COO Jim Alling last September as the full-pledge CEO. His 32 years experience in the industry has given him a lot of insight in the ups and downs of the field of telecommunications and with him leading the T-Mobile team, the future is looking bright not only for the company but also for its faithful subscribers.

iPhone 5, one of the most wanted Smartphones in the world, is definitely going to be a good addition in T-Mobile’s handset arsenal.

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