Windows Phone Stealing the Show From Apple in Several Countries

Sara Cunningham March 27, 2013 0
Windows Phone Stealing the Show From Apple in Several Countries

According to Microsoft corporate communications VP Frank Shaw, Windows Phone has reached 10 percent market share in several countries citing a report by IDC (International Data Corporation). Not only that, according to Shaw, Windows Phone has out shipped Apple’s iPhone in seven countries.

For the past year, Windows Phones (HTC  and Nokia) combined account make up for just 2.4 percent of the overall Smartphone market.  A fact that former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates has said is the result of lack of innovation at Microsoft, which he called a mistake.

This latest development comes as a heads up for Windows Phone which has been lagging behind other Smartphone giants.

Windows Phone Stealing the Show From Apple in Several Countries 2

IDC had previously predicted that Windows Phone’s market will increase from 5.2 percent in 2012 to 19.2 percent by 2016 while predicting a 1.5 decrease in market share for iOS.

Although Shaw didn’t mention any names in his blog, IDC has no qualms about spilling the names. IDC analyst Kevin Restivo, speaking to the New York Times, yesterday said that Windows Phone fourth quarter shipments surpassed that of Apple iPhone in India, Argentina, Poland, Russia , South Africa, Ukraine and Croatia and the rest of central and eastern Europe.

According to Restivo, the Ukraine, South Africa, and “the rest of central and eastern Europe” are just small markets and Windows Phone shipments numbered less than 100,000 during the fourth quarter.

Windows Phone is capturing the markets where Nokia is already popular and  anticipated the existing Symbian user’s to jump on the Windows Phone bandwagon.

Windows Phone also has a leg up in markets where Nokia already is popular, the analyst added. It is noticeable that many of those countries where the Windows Phone is becoming popular are developing countries where carrier subsidies are limited. The high cost of an iPhone in those areas mentioned is also a factor in its waning popularity.

Nokia is holding its own in the phone market competition and its partnership with Microsoft has a big potential of capturing a considerable market share in the future. HTC is also rumored to release its latest Windows Phone “Tiara” this May.

IDC has suggested that the Windows Phone may surpass BlackBerry and Apple iOS because of Nokia’s emerging dominance in big markets like Asia, America, and Africa.

Some may argue that the Windows Phone out shipping the iPhone in the aforementioned countries does not mean that Windows Phone is selling more, but just shipping more. But still, it is a wake up call for Apple to address the issue and to make the cost of iPhone competitive and less expensive.

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