Silicon Valley – the Birthplace of Google Glass

Jasmina Lozevska March 31, 2013 0
Silicon Valley – the Birthplace of Google Glass

Slowly we are moving towards a positive thinking for this amazing innovation from Google. Most of the people think of it like great innovation but others still think of it like it will change the complete interact with the technology. Now, this news gets another direction. According to a report published Wednesday Google is planning to produce their early models of the Google Glass in the Silicon Valley.

Google is working with Foxconn to produce couple of thousand Google Glass headsets at a factory in Santa Clara. Google didn’t confirm this rumor but if it came true this will be a rare thing bfor US technology industry because until now, they all have based their manufacturing of smartphones, computers and different kind of gadgets overseas. Producing in United States was so rare that few months earlier Apple has reached all headlines of every national newspaper announcing that they are planning to spend $100 million on contract with domestic manufacturing companies.


Google has pinched the domestic manufacturers with the selling of the home based entertainment console called the Nexus Q. This product was made in Silicon Valley. But this gadget was unsuccessful and made several negative and critical reviews so Google was forced to stop the selling and the manufacturing.

Perhaps Google is using some domestic plant for producing the Glass just to observe the operation from close range and maintain their control over the manufacturing. This not excludes the possibility that others gadgets will be made overseas. This may be one time deal. If you have seen the presentation recently, you have noticed that the Google Glass is using voice activation software and includes small touch pad for operating with the camera, send numerous emails and different information from all over the web on the small screen that is placed right above the consumer’s eye. Until now, this product is top secret for Google and they have guarded most of the details after the public unveiling few weeks ago. This week is different than the others just because Google Glass is the main topic for conversation and they have began to notify the winners of the marketing contest which was held by the company to select the very few people who will be eligible to purchase it first.

This is what happens in this world of technology, rumors, replacing technology at last minute, choosing another manufacturer in last minute, and the end of the saga maybe will bring something completely different from what we imagined and thought about it. We just need to wait and see if the Glass meets everyone’s criteria and will it be well accepted because at the end that matters the most.

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