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Jasmina Lozevska April 1, 2013 0

Despite all the haters talk which happened over the past few days or we can say weeks, Facebook is still the number one social network all over the world. The concrete problem is that Facebook always had the same role of a passive listener of everything that we share on the home page. That is the main reason why this social media is making all of those feature updates and trying hard to make and keep everyone happy and today we can hardly recognize its potential and efforts. If you look back when you have opened your account and now you will understand what I’m talking about.

If we go way back in 2004 and compare it with the present features and design of Facebook, we will see that noticeable difference. So, are you wondering how will this social network look in the future? Here’s a list of something that could be some of Facebook’s features in the future.

1. Bye bye “Like”, welcome new Social signal

The “like” feature often isn’t interpreted into its initial meaning. With this simple move we can participate in a contest, get some free stuff or we liked some of the pages just so our friends can benefit from that. This is leading towards the meaningless use of this feature and it’s time for something new and refreshing.


Well, Facebook must have already noticed this and the new Open Graph included some other verbs “Read, Watch and Want”, and with this, Facebook is already able to understand our relationship with the products or the content we see on daily basis. For example, if you use the “like” button just to like a random status or to like some book, Facebook won’t tell you why you have liked it, it has to guess the reason and what value has this book to the user. This is not the case in Open Graph. With clicking you indicate that you have bought something, in this case the book, and read the content of it that has really big difference.

2. Next generation Graph Search

If we can call this the new feature of Facebook, it hasn’t been fully included in our Facebook experience just yet, but all the early indicators of it show that this will be a big change in the future and will have great impact on the users.


This future Facebook can turn itself into some kind of a useful tool for more real time contact with the users. For example, if you are planning to go on vacation next week, this social network might recognize that and help you to find the perfect place and be able to show you what to do next. In order to be able to do this, Facebook needs to start searching the signals you are giving, like browsing habits, liking, sharing of places, status updates and different kind of signals.

3. News Feed in real time

According to Alex Gallego, a YieldMo software engineer, it will be hard to do this kind of real time notifications. He says that the future depends on the users and their present activities. At the end, he added that Facebook needs to think about doing the same thing Twitter does, and we saw some indications earlier for including the hashtag.

4. Better introduction of the user’s posting prompt

Facebook started to show an ‘aggressive’ way to force users and different brands to publish more and more content. There’s a possibility they will include a new pen icon on your homepage just to encourage you and let you easily post on your timeline

At first it will be only a pop-up window asking you the same question “What’s on your mind” but then it will throw some suggestions what the users or the administrators of the company pages should post or share with the public.


5. It’s here today, and it will be here tomorrow

In the past, we saw social networks get blown with the wind, but Facebook is something special and it’s different than the others. We can only imagine what will the future Facebook bring, but one thing is for sure: Facebook will exist today, tomorrow, next year and even 10 years from. And we hope their ‘It’s free and always will be’ will remain the same.

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