Will the Facebook Smartphone Come to Fruition?

Jasmina Lozevska April 1, 2013 0

This rumor won’t go away that easily, and didn’t come out recently. It’s been a while since these rumors started circulating, and then there were a couple of denials, rumors again etc… And even after the recent official denial from Mark Zuckerberg the rumors didn’t stop and as it seems Facebook may be taking this step with the launching of this Facebook smartphone at the event next week.

This event is scheduled for April 6 and the social network invited all the media to see their new home on Android. So what we can expect from this phone? I expect something simpler and made for more practical use then some other random phone. It will be integrated with the entire social network’s applications and maybe one time log in feature.

This smartphone is long-awaited and it’s been a long time ago since the first rumor showed up. We will make one round-up from the first to the last rumor ever showed up on the web.



It was Sunday, September 19 when the first rumor for Facebook Smartphone has been born. TechCrunch were the first that reported that Facebook is “cooking” software that will power a mobile phone. That very same day Facebook declined and said that they are not entering that field of business. Month and a half later or November 3 to be exact, Zuckerberg pinched the hardware part of the smartphone and left the door open for some software entrance. On that, he added that they are not any kind of a hardware company and their goal isn’t selling physical stuff.


In January 26, according to a rumor, HTC was making two Facebook based smartphones and after this in February, HTC released ChaCha and Salsa. Both of them had a Facebook button for easier access to this social network. Everyone forgot about this until November 21 when AllThingsD started a new rumor that noone expected, this time real Facebook smartphone will be launched after 12 to 18 phones.


On May 27 New York Times said that Facebook recruited some engineers from Apple just to prepare the release of their new smartphone somewhere in 2013. On July 25  the brand HTC has been mentioned again, but now they said they are targeting 2013 launching and in July 26 Zuckerberg said there is no chance of making a phone. Mark again declined every rumor on September 11. And we all thought that’s the end. But, we were wrong again. On November 2 a rumor involved Facebook-HTC-Android for making a phone called Opera UL.



January 12, everything was prepared for the unveiling of the Facebook phone. Instead of this, we got Graph Search. Few weeks later, on January 30 Zuckerberg again said they are not building a phone. On March 8, some rumors and leaked information indicated another Facebook phone called HTC Myst with integrated pre-installed Facebook features and apps. This is way better then a button. And few days ago on March 28, Facebook announces an event for the media with invitation to see their Home on Android.

Its their job is to keep this in quiet, it’s our job to talk about that and to wait and see if they will finally put these rumors to an end and unveil the Facebook smartphone.

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