iPhone 5S Launch Set For June and Ships July

Jasmina Lozevska April 1, 2013 0
iPhone 5S Launch Set For June and Ships July

Apple’s competition already made their steps, now it’s time for them to bring out something that other smartphones from the competitor companies don’t have, some features that are simply not part of the other phones out there. According to a report from Japan released by MacFan web site, iPhone 5S is scheduled for launching in June.

This site is a well known follower of Apple and they have 20 years of experience as a Mac oriented news website. Beside that, this handset will be launched on June 20 and they added it will go on sale couple of weeks later or somewhere in early July. But they didn’t stop here, after this, the cheaper iPhone will be launched later in August and it will be targeted as a pre-paid model for developing the markets, especially in China and India.

Before this, many other rumors and analysts have said that they expect the new iPhone 5S to be launch somewhere between June and August. Apple has previously made its releases in the period of June and July – the iPhone 3G/GS and the iPhone 4 launch, but switched to fall for their iPhone 4S and the most recent iPhone 5.


This period will come on the heels of Apple’s developer conference meant for worldwide developers, which typically is scheduled for the second week of the month. If we look at the past, Apple always used WWDC to unveil new iPhone models so if they return to this traditional type of release, this kind of launching during this conference has a more likely timeframe. Plus, summer debut for new phone is a great move for Apple to keep up with their competition.

They have launched their last iPhone 5 in September last year and the sales hit astonishing numbers to end the September quarter. But they released all their other devices right away and iPhone 5 didn’t get the proper space to finish up the year with even bigger sales. If the Cupertino Company continues to pile up their devices in two month period, they don’t have anything to release these previous months and they don’t have many things to announce in the remaining three quarters of any year.

With this move, Apple could attract even more attention for their product chain. If they schedule their launches and releases throughout the whole year with little bit of spacing between them, that will mean return to their previous strategy. And with this kind of change, they can attack on every field and even more aggressive than they’ve done it so far.

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