Safari Takes Over 60% of Mobile Browsers Share

Jasmina Lozevska April 2, 2013 0
Safari Takes Over 60% of Mobile Browsers Share

Apple is going forward strong, not only with their devices but with their mobile browser Safari, too. They saw 6% leap in web traffic chain last month according to Net Application which is Web tracker for stats. And with this, Safari won back their previous ground against other mobile browsers.

This iOS browser now has 61.79% of the web traffic which was announced by the aforementioned Net Applications. That is a rise from 55.41% of web traffic since February. They were in a leading position then, but their lead has risen now and on second place you can find the default Android browser. Opera mini has the bronze spot with 8.4%. Safari had built their lead very steadily over the past years and their share has reached the ‘boiling point’ over the past year. In March 2012 they had 60.5 web traffic and that is slightly less than this year’s.

Safari is not the only browser that saw a leap. The Android browser, IE and Google Chrome have all leveled up. These results aren’t shocking because Android recently gained some popularity and IE is included into both recent launches of the Windows phone and Windows 8 tablets. Among the mobile browser versions, first place belongs to Safari 6.0 with 38.5 % share and Android 4.0 browser is second with 21.5 %.


IE 10 has gained large boost on the climbing up the ranking. This browser grabbed 2.9% share last month and that number is continually rising. This is a good gain because in February the share was 1.6% and in January was 1.3%. This latest version of Internet Explorer was included only in Win 8 PCs but recently Microsoft has released IE10 just for Win 7.

On the other hand, the arena called desktop browser had some action going on over the past month. IE stayed on top leading with 55.8% share of the web traffic only for desktop browsers. Firefox took the second place with 20.2% web share and on the third spot is Google Chrome with 16.4%. This is little bit disappointing for Google Chrome, as I believe many are using this browser at the moment.

This is only a confirmation for Safari and IE leading the way in mobile and desktop web traffic. It’s not surprising because overall, Apple is leading the numbers in selling smartphones and tablets together.

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