Will Apple End up Killing Off the iPod?

Jasmina Lozevska April 2, 2013 0

This is something that has been speculated and repeated over and over again for the past few years. Apple hasn’t done anything to kill off the iPod so far, but as time passes the rumors for this decision get stronger. So is it time for this step and will Apple end up killing off their iPod?

They have a vision for moving all of your saved content into the iCloud. All music formats were declared as old school and they were popular in 20th century and we were storing our music on PCs, but now the music is going so far away into the cloud which enables us to stream it from everywhere. And this is where the iPod Classic outruns the other devices with his feature for streaming and listening music. I like it like that and I’m sure all the users like it that way.

I don’t use Siri as much as others, my Bluetooth feature is nearly untouched. We can live without every other additional feature on the iPhone or on other devices, but the real question is – is there another music player of this kind that can match the storage capacity of the iPod Classic for storing couple of thousand tunes? And the price of the Classic is not something unaffordable. It still sells from $250 to $399 for bigger storage capacity.

When this time comes and Apple finally chooses to cut the iPod, the stocks will be extinguished. Some of the people who think they are ahead with their technology thoughts says that the iPod is already dead, and if this iPod generation couldn’t get along with the iCloud strategy, the days maybe are numbered and the existence of iPod’s are in jeopardy.


Think about it this way – if the iPod goes down, costumers will never pay up for a legal download again and the musicians or the record companies will not be better without it. The free software features like Spotify or Pandora will kill the already casted seeds. Only some users will pay for the services. The musicians can’t afford themselves to continue and make songs which are funded by that small group of people who have chosen to pay the significantly low amount of money. The songs and albums will continue to fall every year and that is definitely not good for the music industry.

I believe everyone that uses this kind of service thinks the same way. The non streaming iPods are the first target for eliminating, and after that the iPod Touch will be the only device fighting for its existence. A pretty sad story, don’t you think?

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