Google “April Fool’s Joke”: No More You Tube

Jasmina Lozevska April 2, 2013 0

I kind of hate April 1 because everyone is trying so hard to fool people around them. This, morning my mom fooled me over the phone, second I saw that black background on Youtube saying that they are shutting off their site because until now, they were only a contest site and at that moment, I didn’t know what to believe in!

But this video had something that left us all wondering, so I just stood in front of my computer with a question mark over my head. Youtube had a message for us clearly saying that they had a great 8-year-long run contest and Google is going to choose a winner over the next 10 days and they are shutting the channel tonight. Google shocked us with the sudden Google Reader shutdown and as it seems they have big “shutting” plans in future.

The main reason behind this is because this channel has been a contest until now and this is finally ending tonight. And according to Tim Liston, Youtube is going into the dark tonight and they will give themselves a time period of 10 years to watch all the uploaded videos by the users and accompanied by thousands of judges they will pick one video as a winner, and this video will be the first video on Youtube when this web channel launches again in 2023.


And I find hilarious the warning of Antoine Dodson, who said that we are now encouraged to watch as many videos as we can before Youtube deletes every single video tonight. But even more hilarious in this video is the appearance of celebrities like iJustine, the kids from Charlie Bit my Finger, Matt Harding and other.

We have the link right here you can watch it and make decision if you going to watch all the videos you can until the shutdown or you are going to say “ha-ha nice one Google”.

I never imagined a life after Google Reader, but I’m alive and running now, and Google wants to tell me that I need to imagine a life after Youtube? – That will be so difficult, especially in the morning when I want to drink my morning coffee with some good old music or enjoy funny videos. I need something to think that this is just another April fool’s prank and YouTube will be ‘alive’ and running again tomorrow.

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