Reports Say Android Platform Far Better than iOS Platform for Smartphones

Jasmina Lozevska April 3, 2013 0
Reports Say Android Platform Far Better than iOS Platform for Smartphones

A research from Kantar ComTech said that Google’s OS Android took the largest part of the smartphone sales for the last quarter which ended on February 14. These results are expected because we all know that Android is the leader OS in the smartphone industry. But Apple was first until now and fell to second place.

During this quarter, Android has overcome Apple’s software with increasing its sales to 51.2% which is up to 45% during this very same quarter in 2012. Beside this, iOS dropped one place from 47% sales share to 43.5%. This happened as a result of the pricing drop on all Samsung phones in the second half of 2012. And all the users had an option to retrieve their old smartphone and to buy out new one with paying a decent price.


Among the ones who used this option for purchasing a Samsung smartphone, 53% bought the Galaxy S3, 21% has chosen Galaxy S2 and just 5% chose the Galaxy Note 2. From those who shifted from their phone over the past year to a Samsung handset device:

  • 9% previously used BlackBerry
  • 10% changed from Samsung smartphone to other
  • 14% previously owned an LG feature phone
  • 15% had previously used smartphone made by HTC
  • 19% previously owned some Samsung phone

From this. we can see that Samsung is gaining users from the competitors and not just from their loyal users. What about the rest of the smartphone manufacturers?

BlackBerry is continually falling in the sales taking 0.7% which is down from 3.6% in the same period in 2012. Nokia’s Symbian (this OS still exists?!) is firmly positioned in last place with 0.1%. Microsoft’s Windows based smartphones saw increase in their sales share taking 4.1% from 2.7% in 2012. And Windows OS is the only platform that sees increase in their shares among Android, according to this report. This report is based on USA consumer panel which performs around 250 000 interviews of users each year and it’s focused more on the sales than the market share.

This is just a confirmation of their urged sales on their smartphones. Maybe the sales share will jump to the roof when the Galaxy S4 starts to sell on the market. But Apple is expected to say the last word with the new iPhone 5S which is expected to launch somewhere in June.

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