Prices Lowered for Windows 8 Hybrid Tablets via Microsoft Store

Jasmina Lozevska April 4, 2013 0
Prices Lowered for Windows 8 Hybrid Tablets via Microsoft Store

The company that lately headed towards lowering prices on their devices is Microsoft. We can declare this time of the year to be the period for lowering prices in the technology industry. I have no idea why is that, but as we can see lot of new devices (weather that is smartphones, tablets, lap tops or personal computers) – they are all going down with their prices. I’m not saying this is bad thing, it’s exactly the opposite and I’m grateful because the overpriced technology is finally reaching its ‘real’ price.

Yesterday, they implemented some pretty nice price cuts on their lap-top tablet hybrids, not for every device of this kind but, for those that we mentioned earlier.

Some analysts said that this could be a good sign and Microsoft is bringing bigger things which will happen in future. We are showing you some of the cut-priced models which appeared on Microsoft Store or to be exact on the “Tablets and Convertibles” web page.

1. Convertible Ultrabook Toshiba Satellite:

The price has dropped from $1 149 to $799. This device is equipped with 12.5-inch display screen, it has great and powerful i5 Intel chip dual core with 4 GB of RAM. It includes 128 GB SSD with ATA 300 serial interface.


2. Asus Taichi Touchscreen ultrabook:

The price of this device was reduced from $1 299 to $1 199. This Asus Ultrabook is equipped with 11.6-inch touchscreen display and it has i5 Intel core processor chip with 4 GB of RAM. It includes 128 GB hard drive size.

3. HP ENVY touchscreen ultrabook:

As of yesterday, this same as the previous half tablet – half laptop, is selling for $599 and is reduced from $849. This device has 11.6-inch screen and it’s powered by 1.8GHz Intel Atom processor chip with 2GB of RAM memory. The hard drive capacity is 64GB SSD.


4. Samsung PC pro 700T Smart tablet:

The price of this tablet has been cut from $1 199 to $999. This tablet has 11.6-inch display and it’s equipped with i5 Intel core chip processor powered with 4 GB of RAM. It has a data storage of 128 GB SSD.

These devices could be a great indicator of something more serious in future or just they want to get rid of them because they are not selling very well. As for the second part of this sentence – an IDC analyst Bob O’Donnell said that the sales of Microsoft products have suddenly stopped.

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