So Is Android Jelly Bean Better than iOS 6?

Jasmina Lozevska April 4, 2013 0

These are the very best and the latest operating systems from Google and Apple so it’s time for a face-off. As new smartphones are released every second month, the operating systems are pretty constant and included in each phone. It’s time to bring iOS 6 and Jelly Bean 4.2.2 head to head and see which will come up with more advantages at this point.

Before we start, let us tell you that iOS 6 is bringing their pick up and play OS and the biggest content that a phone can have. Android takes its unmatched customization and all the features which are more than some other smartphones can only dream of. This will be a long battle, but it’s our point of view to the things so, we are letting you take your side. We are settling them in 4 rounds, let’s do it:

Round number 1: Design

When we look at the both operating systems, we can see that iOS is slighter and easier to use but we can agree that doesn’t look as much as different than the previous versions of this OS with its cornered icons. We know that some of the technology users are like “if isn’t broke it doesn’t need any fixing” but they need some slight transformation that will show us they can be on the top with its design again. Into the blue corner we have Jelly Bean who looks like it’s been brought from the future. With its clean and modern design even on the lock screen features gives the Android one point ahead of iOS.

Round number 2: User interface and navigation

It’s been said that iOS has the easiest pick-up-and-play interface that allows you to navigate through the screen and create various folders and that will not change in the future. It has several great functions that let users swipe down for notifications which is truly customized to work properly for iOS. It gets better with double tap on the home screen – you will open the multi task function for recently opened applications and with swiping from left to right you will see the music player. For activating the user’s personal assistant (Siri) you’ll need to hold down the home button. Jelly bean is not the easiest OS for pick-up-and-play but you have to learn how to use it with all of its features. User Customization of the interface is the main feature here. You can create folders with different apps and customize your own lock screen with adding the proper and useful widgets from this OS. As a winner in this round we announce iOS with slight advantage over its opponent.


Round number 3: Features

iOS 6 has kept many features from the previous iOS 5, but they have been significantly improved and redone some things like the Apple Maps, but still they aren’t accurate enough. Google Maps is still has the best maps feature around but in day by day Apple maps are doing great and going forward. The iOS is useful for information but it’s not accurate enough and it takes too long to get back to us with the information. Jelly Bean has way better accuracy and Google now is the biggest answer to Siri. As for other features I’ve included, Jelly Bean leads the way in front of iOS and as it seems Android has every answer for the Apple’s iOS features. So this round belongs to Jelly Bean.

Round number 4: Ecosystem

Apple has created the best ecosystem which started with the innovation of the iTunes where you still have the biggest library of contents like music, movies, TV shows and other. Then you go to the App Store which is the most attractive store for developers to make their apps for iOS. Google came late with this and they have created the Play Store which is the legitimate option for searching movies, apps, music and other stuff. They have started to catch up but are still far behind App Store. So the final round belongs to Apple’s iOS.

As you can see it’s kind of leveled and we assure you that you will not make any mistake if you choose either of the devices which are running on Jelly bean or iOS.

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