Smartphones Innovations: More Juice When You Need It

Jasmina Lozevska April 5, 2013 0

Smartphones are great innovations, there is no doubt for that, but what really bothers me is their battery life. I know that all their features which are included so they can be perfectly handy and easy to use are causing the battery drain, but the biggest phone manufacturers didn’t do anything to resolve this problem. I’m talking about the wireless charging feature.

Wireless charging modules today are different and weak, they are either small surfaces on which you can put your phone or a big, laptop-sized flat platform that can include and charge more than one device. On these surfaces you must lay your phone or tablet device just to notice the effects of the wireless charging. Any slight contact with the device will affect the charge and will make it less efficient.

Alliance for Wi-Fi power is going one step further and they are working on improved wireless charging technology that can charge tablets and smartphones laying on the pad, and also it will charge them trough the magnetic charging beam. On this taller charging field you will be able to leave the device not so precisely and you will be able to place more devices in order to get them charged. This means that this surface will be perfectly designed to charge even devices with irregular shape like wrist bands with battery, smart watches, Bluetooth devices and many more.


According to Alliance for Wireless power, vertical charging will be enabled to charge the devices even if the pad is placed under some surface, for example your office desk, under the desk in your conference room, etc. In order to charge your device this pad will have to throw its power beam to reach the device. And of course, if you get away from the source, the signal will be weaker and the charging will take more time.

This organization that works on this Wi-Fi charging is backed up by Samsung and Qualcomm and is the first major organization currently working on the field. A4WP works with “resonant tech” which is a broader form of inductive charging method. Beside the greater device for enabling this feature, they say that this will charge the devices faster and will avoid any kind of overheating. So you will be safe to leave your device until it’s fully charged.

This charging method will not show until 2014 which means we should wait for another year or two for getting rid of today’s inductive old school wire charging method. Fortunately, when it comes out, it will be quite a life-changing innovation for some of us.

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