iPad 5 Release Rumors and More

Jasmina Lozevska April 6, 2013 0
iPad 5 Release Rumors and More

We have said numerous times that Apple is on the move now just because all its competitors already launched their devices. We have seen lots of rumors surrounding this company from the day that this new year even started. With that entire fuss around their new smartphone iPhone 5S, we kind of forgot about the iPad 5. So we have some great news for the Apple fans.

For those who are impatient for launching of this next generation iPad 5, several reports have announced that this new device from Apple could arrive in April or later in May this year. So this is great news, finally we will see the most-rumored Apple device so far. And this period is not predicted just for this iPad 5, it involves the next generation of iPad mini 2. If you read every rumor out there on the web you will see very different launch dates for these tablets, but we will give you something different and more logical.


Some group of certain people close to more different sources and maybe close to the company has announced that iPad 5 will be launched earliest in April or latest in the month of May. On the other hand, with numerous conversations made with several journalists, we can conclude that this latest product from Apple will arrive at spring but some other rumors are saying that the company is forcing the announcement of the device to come later this year, maybe October. So these were the all rumors that you can find out there. We are not interested in this because early or late we can be sure of one thing: This iPad 5 will be the best tablet out there and way better than its predecessors.

It’s been said that the iPad 5 will have nearly the same design like the iPad Mini and alongside with this it will be equipped with a lot better software and hardware configuration compared with the other iPad devices. This device will be lighter and thinner with much lesser bezel and this is completely different than the other full sized tablets of this kind. This means only one thing, it will be thin like the iPad Mini and will weigh a little more than the mini version and will be a very different generation if we put other older tablets on the side. Plus this tablet will be run by the new rumored iOS 7 because as we know Apple every year releases new OS and maybe it will be introduced with this new technology.

To be honest I’m more excited about the tablet than the smartphone, so I’m looking forward to take it in my hands and examine every inch of it. But first things first, it has to come out with this rumored specifications and then we will make all the reviews and tell the first impressions.

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