Facebook Home: Not so Private

Jasmina Lozevska April 7, 2013 0
Facebook Home: Not so Private

Two days after the release and already Facebook is surrounded with negative criticism.  With their last attempt to force you to spend more time with this social network the new Facebook Home for Android service has slight issue with the user privacy. But it’s not the end of the world, probably.

Over the past years, Facebook has earned great reputation and bright image for developing new features and new products that have really respectful user privacy. Facebook home hasn’t indicated that will be different by now, and at the Q&A session right after the launching of this new service, Zuckerberg said that the Analytics were made quietly and they have been used for ½% of the whole user base. The idea of this is that as more you share on this social network, as more Facebook will learn about your personality, and honestly Facebook Home is developed just to felt addicted for sharing more.

Ashkan Soltani has said the same thing, and he explained that this new Facebook Home make a bridge over the gap right between the passive data and active data activities. For example: when you like some shared information on Facebook which becomes “the middle” of every single interaction on the device. Ashkan Soltani is security and privacy researcher. He added that Facebook will not examine everybody, but they will be examining the voluntary interaction like checking in and liking posts.


According to the people working in Facebook there is some slight difference between using the Facebook Home and using the very first Facebook.com. Facebook Home has the same user policy data and they added that there is nothing strange and unusual about collecting the data.

When it launches next week it will be fair to not use this Facebook Home. Maybe I’ll change to it later, but first I will examine the privacy issues. And after all Facebook Home was designed to spread themselves on Android and fully synchronized with the HTC first. Plus ads won’t be included at the launch, but it’s expected that ads will be included later.

Some of the people who are close to Facebook or the people, who are followers of Zuckerberg work, are skeptic and they are explaining that Facebook can’t change the future. But one of them called Downey has some optimistic opinion that the subscribers will have more privacy than today. He said that time will eventually come five years from now.

You can handle this problem but just on short-term. If you want to secure yourself you must turn of your location sharing when you use the chat, turn of the chat for certain friends and you can adjust your post privacy to be shared only with your friends of friends.

Soltani has said something that it will remain:

Facebook’s not your friend. It’s less surveillance, and more forced publicity. It’s the friend that I tell something to in confidence, who then tells others,”

When you look at it, you’ll see that it has a point. However, Facebook is positioned deep under our skin and with privacy issues or not we are again sitting in front of it. But we got to be careful with our data sharing and who are we sharing with.

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