Pebble Watch Review: Is it Ahead of its Time?

Jasmina Lozevska April 7, 2013 0

Smartwatches has become number one subject in this technological era. Right after smartphones and tablets, the smartwatches seems to grab the proper attention from the analytics and the users. And slowly we come to Pebble. This smartwatch has risen over $10 million on Kickstarter which makes it the first success of this kind for Kickstarter.


The retro-geek magnificent style makes him easy to love if you like all the Casino style watches. If you crack it open you’ll notice the Pebble, USB cable for charging and invitation for going online to see the further instructions. This smartwatch has 1.26-inch display with 144×168-pixel density resolution. It has black & white LCD display with LED backlight which turns on if you press the left-side button.


Pebble has three colors, red, white or black and special gray/black version for those who were first to purchase this smartwatch on Kickstarter. The scratch resistant plastic face makes this watch even greater. It has rubberized bend that makes the wearing comfortable and after you got used to it, you will not even notice it, but others will.

Touchscreen is not included, but it has four buttons that handles all the desired functions. Right buttons handles the scrolling, for selecting options press the middle button. Left buttons are activating the backlight and one of them is used for back button. It’s just like a simple watch but smart.


Maybe it’s not that impressive but I still don’t know what to expect from a smartwatch. Pebble has a magnetometer, axis accelerometer (3), and light sensor powered with Cortex-M3 processor and certain storage for storing applications and watch faces. There are 12 faces available in Pebble Applications store.


We learned that a smartwatch can’t be fully examined without a smartphone. So, in that regard Pebble is fully compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5, iPod touch with iOS 5 or 6 and Android based phones that are running 2.3 OS or latest.

There are differences into the compatibility with an iOS device and Android. On iOS the notifications are limited to SMS/iMessage, phone call and e-mails. On Android based smartphones the usage is easier because of the notifications which can be tied up with the watch more easily and you can find third-party applications out there.


Applications and Features

If you watch the video for this Pebble Watch, you’ll notice things that aren’t available yet. The rest of the functions are handled by some built-in features or mini applications that can be ran by the Bluetooth function from your smartphone. The updates for the applications are handled by smartphone connection. As we mentioned earlier, there are available some third-party applications which are compatible with this watch, but they are working individually. These applications aren’t fully integrated with main Pebble app and that’s lacking feature for this watch.

It’s surprising that iOS features are limited now, but we all expect that they will be greater as the time comes. The one thing you can do though is to connect the smartwatch with your iPhone via Bluetooth just to receive all the notifications. When this watch receives any kind of message or call info, it vibrates with only a buzz without any additional tones or sounds.


The other additional features are not interesting at all. It’s equipped with music application that shows only info about the artist and the song, and there is the basic controls play-pause-track. The thing is it can’t browse your desired songs from the music library, but it can be useful sometimes, for example when your headphones are lacking some remotes.


The Pebble watch is doing some great things by far, but it has lot of work to be done on it. In few months from now, I’m sure that Pebble will be magnificent playground for applications and several features. In present, it looks like that Pebble has slight potential for a killer product, but that’s the beauty of it, either you believe in that potential or not because this is just a start and the best is yet to come. The applications will be the push-up features that will make the Pebble rise.

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