Will the Android be @ Home This Spring?

Sara Cunningham March 31, 2013 0

The Android@Home concept launched by Google at its 2011 I/O Developer Conference excited a lot of people and made them dream of a perfectly automated home.

Google’s vision of a home running with an Android operating system that can automate and connect various home appliances and reduce electricity consumption really fired up people’s imaginations.

Speaking of imagination, some people might actually believe that it’s just in their imagination since it never came to pass.  After too much talk and convincing demonstrations, the Android@Home technology never made it home.

Android@Home 1

Google’s brainchild seeks to corner the home automation market, which undoubtedly is where the future is heading. They would like to be the one to lead this technology, but it seems that they’ve hit a road block, and the project that seemed to have a lot of potential was left to gather dust.

For two whole years, Google never mentioned Android@Home, and the people who were dreaming of turning on their air-conditioning unit on their way home, will just have to dream about.

Recently, there has been news that resurrected this dream of an automated home. Embedded in the OS update of Android 4.2.2 is a configuration file mentioning our truant Android@Home, which could mean that Google has not totally chucked the idea out of the window.

Android@Home is not the only concept that Google launched on its 2011 I/O that excited many people. Google also launched the prototype of what is now known as Nexus Q Android PC. It was formally launched at the I/O 2012. This orb-like android powered computer became a huge hit for the 2012 I/O attendees.  Orders keep pouring in even at the price of $299 but like Android@Home it also failed to deliver.

A few weeks from now on May 15-17, the next I/O Conference will be held at Moscone Center, San Francisco.  People are wondering if this will be the day that Android@Home and Nexus Q make a come back at last.

The two years of silence on Google’s part may have been spent on perfecting this technology. A fully-automated home is not an easy feat to accomplish. It will take cooperation from various home appliance manufacturers to make the idea work.

Right now home automation is a technology that the people really need and will appreciate having in their life. In an age where time is gold and multi-tasking is the keyword, an Android@Home will be more than cool.

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