Apple’s iRadio Hitting the Airwaves This Summer!

Sara Cunningham March 31, 2013 0

This coming summer, Apple might finally launch the much-awaited iRadio, so watch out Apple iFans!

According to a report by The Verge, Apple is getting ready to roll out its own web-based radio service, this year, more specifically targeting a mid-year launch.

It seems that Apple has made significant breakthroughs in pooling streaming rights from two of the largest record label companies, Universal  Records and Warner Music Group ( WMG).

Though the customized internet radio is not anymore a novelty, with Pandora and Spotify already on the scene, it makes no difference to Apple who has been mulling to enter the picture for more than a year.

Apple, according to some sources aims to help users discover new music, this mission seems about to be accomplished.

According to the same report, there is no doubt that iRadio is coming and nothing can stop it from hitting the airwaves this year.

After all, Apple has to protect their image as the world’s largest music trader, and iRadio is their best means of doing just that.

There are some rumors that Apple is going a step further than their competitor in this field in that it seeks to come up with a deal that would let users skip songs. In order to eliminate such restriction common on internet radio, Apple is pursuing the type of license from record labels that will make this possible. That’s one leg up the ladder for Apple if this deal pushes through.

Already there are news floating that Apple was able to secure a great deal with Universal and Warner record labels, getting 6 cents per 100 spins, the lowest royalty ever awarded to web radio streamers. This means that they will be able to offer lower royalties to users, much lower than what Pandora and other rivals are offering.

Did Apple succeed where Pandora and Spotify failed? It was rumored that the two web radio companies also appealed for the same low royalty but it was denied to them.

Pandora is currently paying  a statutory rate of 12 cents for 100 spins while Spotify is paying a hefty 35 cents for the same amount of spins.

Pandora recently announced that they are stopping unlimited music streaming due to rising royalty rates, which made the listening community despondent.

There is no doubt that we’ll be literally hearing from iRadio, this summer at the latest.

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